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Bambinger story

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In short stories, there is always some sort of conflict. The short story Bambinger possesses a character vs. character conflict. This presented conflict can be observed by the characters, events that contribute to the conflict and the resolution. Set in Montréal during world war 11, tells the story of a family who takes in a Jewish refugee named Herr Bambinger. The family’s son, who is 12 years old, resents this intrusion and tries to get rid of Bambinger as fast as he can. A believed theme brought to one’s attention is not to judge a book by its cover. This is a simple yet dominant theme is this short story where using elements such as the theme, characterization, the plot and literary devices will help convey the overall message as well as a broader significance.

The reader sees the conflict as being between a younger and much older, more influential character. The older character in this case, Bambinger is ‘negatively’ affecting the younger character. However, Bambinger is worthy of our respect. He was giving suggestions to the boy’s mother. This shows that Bambinger is a caring man and he was only looking out for the best interest of the boy. As said above, the most useful message in this short story is not to judge a book by its cover. To begin, the mother accepts to take in a Jewish refugee because she thought it would help it fight human suffering. In turn Herr Bambinger influences the mother on the way to raise her son. He eventually tells the boy he is not only stupid but impudent as well which of course makes the boy have a sense of resentment towards Bambinger. This conflict drives the main theme in the story.

The little boy, not wanting to take orders from a stranger does not get to know the man, instead judges him and makes him out to be a bad person. Bambinger is just trying to look out for the boy’s well being. This is an aspect that the narrator seems to consider important. Bambinger had a son who is on his way to Canada with his mother. He is basically trying to keep a fatherly role. If one enters the psychological aspect, Bambinger doesn’t know if his son is still alive so he is trying to treat the boy as a son to cope with a certain pain that is not portrayed in the story.

The two main characters are clearly the young boy and Bambinger because of the conflict presented above. The boy begins in harmony with his world. When Bambinger enters the boy’s life, he feels a sense of resentment, particularly when the boy’s mother agrees with what Bambinger has to say. The boy now feels rejected by his environment because of another male’s presence. This sense of rejection fades when his mother begins to introduce certain privileges again. In the end, the boy is re-established in harmony with his world after Bambinger leaves. On the contrary, Bambinger is not in harmony with his world, it must be retained that he is a Jewish refugee, hence there are many circumstances that influence whether his is or is not in harmony with his world. However, he finds out that his wife and child and coming to Canada. Readers now see a completely different, happier side to Bambinger. Unfortunately, his wife and son die on the boat. The readers see Bambinger turn back to the way he was before, thus not being in harmony with his world.

The readers are able to experience two very different people. Not the fact that one is young and the other, old but more the fact one is from Canada and is a free citizen, to a refugee fleeing to be able to experience freedom. Bambinger, as the readers know is a Jewish refugee from world war 11. He comes to Montréal for a better life. He expecrs to be one day reunited with his family. The time line is in the past, so the narrator, who is the boy, is telling the readers the story from the past tense, with the exception of dialogue.

Assigning literary devices to a short story is not an easy task simply because all readers have a different view. In almost all short stories, realistic dialogue is used to either disclose character traits or to help develop the theme. The author also uses contrast to show the difference between Bambinger and the boy. Added to the list is repetition. The author uses this in the dialogue between the two characters. Finally, some readers may think the author use situational irony, where the reader and the character expect one thing to happen, but something completely different occurs. The point of view is first person limited. It helps include the reader in the story but then the reader only gets to focus on one character.

Simply put, the main message of the story was that we should not judge a book by its cover. No matter how much prejudice is present, we should inform ourselves completely about something or someone before we judge. We don’t often see men caring about younger people, so Bambing is a dime a dozen. The four elements, being, theme, characterization, plot and literary devices were effective in conveying the message. Before showing resentment and ignorance to others, it is better to give them a chance. If we don’t, how will we change and become an accepting society.

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