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Aims and Values

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Define the meaning of aims and values

Aims: To have a purpose or an intention to do something; having a desired outcome. Can also mean to have the intention of achieving the best as you can. Values: Principles or standards of behaviour within the school.

Describe, with examples, how schools may demonstrate and uphold their aims

Schools may demonstrate their aims by providing the best curriculum and delivering a lesson to the best of the teachers standards. To uphold values you would have to keep the students committed to succeed and support them to try and achieve the best they can through their learning. The school can uphold the aims by making sure that the school rules are followed, so that the school can be run as efficiently as possible. Teaching children that they would have to follow the rules gives them transferable skills that they can use in their own homes and later in life.

The schools can make sure that their aims are achieved by making sure that the student is able to learn as much as they can throughout the day, by making sure that the students receive homework so they can aim for the best possible grade. The school can try and involve parents to help achieve the aim of the school by encouraging them to participate in helping their child with their education, through assisting with homework, or educating them in a fun way. Students should also try and be encouraged to take pride in their selves, their appearance and their work, to try and have the highest standard at all times.

Describe, with examples, how schools may demonstrate and uphold their values

Schools can uphold values by demonstrating consistency throughout the school day, by having the same rules in every classroom for example being punctual to lessons, and keeping planner/record books/equipment on tables as soon as you enter the classroom. Another way that the school can uphold their values is by reminding the students that they would have to be polite with the peers, staff and anyone from outside of the school. Make sure that they are behaving in the correct manner in or outside of school. The school can uphold the values of the school by holding regular assemblies with the students to remind them of the values and get any form tutors to remind their students at the start of every day. Schools can demonstrate values by making sure all staff also abide by the rules so it can set an example for the students showing them that everyone upholds the values of school and it is not just the sole responsibility of the student.

Describe how to uphold the schools aims and values in your own job role at your school In Evelyn Grace Academy, the best way to get the students to uphold the aims and values are to constantly remind students of the 6 values of the school which are, curiosity, integrity, Remind them throughout the school day, whether they are in lessons or in the halls to follow the rules of the school and to make sure that they are representing the school when they are in their uniform outside of school grounds and that they are displaying the core values of the school. The core values are principal to the work and underpin the daily activities throughout the school. The school stresses the important of upholding the values by talking about them during assemblies, lessons and meal times. This ensures that the students demonstrate them in all aspects of academy life. Evelyn Grace Academy believe that every student can achieve excellence, believe that success is achieved through self-discipline, self-confidence and hard work and would do whatever it takes to ensure that all the students are successful.

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