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Intelligence centres as named by Gardner

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Tabulate the nine (9) types of intelligence centres as named by Gardner and list at least one skill and one career associated with each of the intelligence centres.

1. Verbal- Linguistic Intelligence
2. Naturalist Intelligence
3. Musical Intelligence
4. Logical-Mathematical Intelligence
5. Existential Intelligence
6. Interpersonal or Social Intelligence
7. Visual – Spatial Intelligence
8. Intrapersonal Intelligence
9. Bodily-Kinaesthetic Intelligence6


Connect to Nature
Problem Solving
Deep Self Knowledge
Thinks in pictures

List 5 personality traits of a musical type:
Sensitive to pitch, rhythm, timbre.
Sensitive to emotional power of music.
Sensitive to complex organisation of music.
May be deeply spiritual.
Knows as lot of music selections, artists and genre.

List 12 strategies needed to strengthen the personality traits of a musical intelligent:

Play musical instruments
Learn through songs
Use active and passive concerts of learning
Study with baroque music
Workout with music
Join choir or choral group
Write music
Integrate music with other subject areas
Change your mood with music
Use music to get relaxed
Image/make pictures with music
Learn through raps such as timetables, whole language poems, Choral reading

State Four (4) thinking styles that are mentioned by Dryden:

Concrete sequential
Concrete random
Abstract random
Abstract sequential

Dryden (page 361) mentions Three 3 factors that impact on the learner’s learning ability.

Identify these factors:

The Physical Environment
Emotional Needs
Social Needs

Discuss these factors

The Physical Environment
This factor focuses on elements which could affect a learners learning ability I.e. Sound, light, temperature, seating and body posture. These factors all depend on the environment in which the learner finds himself in should it be positive or negative.

Emotional Needs
All learners have different emotional needs which play a vital role in learning. The manner in which a lesson is delivered can have a negative or positive emotional effect on learners depending on how it is delivered this plays a major role in how learners absorb information.

Social Needs
Learners have different social needs as well this also depends on how the learner copes with different learning styles I.e some learners prefer working independently others learn through music others learners prefer an adult presences all these factors will affect the learner negatively or positively depending on how the lesson is delivered taking the students social preference into account.

Compile Guide Lines for teachers on how to prevent above mentioned factors from impacting negatively on the learning ability.

As an educator one could ensure that the class in which a lesson is given is filled with stimulating pictures and colours.

Maintain a clean environment at all times clean your classroom Ensure that all furniture is sufficient for all learners to be comfortably seated that no furniture is damaged.
Ensure that there is a constant flow of fresh air if provided you are in a class room should it be cold, windy or rainy, keep all windows and doors closed. Ensure all learners have visual on where exactly you are giving your lesson Speak Clearly ensure all students can hear what you are saying. Ensure that your students are relaxed and able to understand the lesson given 2.

The physical Environment

Emotional Needs

Establish a positive connection with students. Encourage Learners to trust themselves and have a positive outlook on life Insure that you as an educator is constant and always positive. Ensure that the lesson content is clear and that it is well explained to prevent anxiety Try and identify what the learners emotional needs are and try to meet those needs as effectively as possible. Gradually build a relationship based on trust with learners.
Ensure that you as an Educator remain neutral emotionally thus not bringing your personal life into your lessons.

Social Needs

Educators must ensure that they sensitive to students’ learning styles. Each Child has a different way of thinking thus the need to establish which way they think and what intelligence they have. Educators must take the cultural backgrounds into consideration as for example : some Islamic female may have a hard time with working with males and vice versa Gardner suggests that humans have eight different intelligences: (1) linguistic, (2) logical–mathematical, (3) spatial, (4) bodily–kinaesthetic, (5) musical, (6) interpersonal, (7) intrapersonal, and (8) naturalist. Teachers need to focus instruction on these different abilities.

Using examples, explain how the following catch-up programs can be applied effectively to assist learners: 6.1 Four-Minute Reading Programmed.

The four- minute reading programme is a school and home-based technique used when a learner starts school, the teacher checks his/her level of understanding for eg : A learner can recognize his own name and words starting with for eg C, but he cannot recorgnise words that start with for example A, E, G then the Teacher will work out a a daily list of words for that individual student beginning with those letters and the first 300 most used words in the language and other wellknown words A new list of words are provided every day , and is taken home for study each day the teacher will spent only 4 min with the learner to check on his/her progress and provide encouragement The Learner should also learn for four minutes at home the home-link is the real key as it works hand in hand.

Peer Tutoring
Peer tutoring is a system designed using the pause, prompt, praise technique It’s essential is applied when two learners tutor each other and is mutually beneficial; the stronger learner in the learning area will then tutor the weaker learner administering the pause prompt raise technique which essentially is when a learner is taught to:

Praise good work for example saying Nice or Good Job (Praise) 2.
Pause for ten seconds while the learner is having difficulty (so the tutor can find a solution during the 10 second pause )

Imagine your brain cells are like trees, with each one storing related information on its branches 2. Now try arranging the key points of any topic on a sheet of white paper in the same treelike format.

Start with the central topic preferably with a symbol in the center of the page, then draw branches spreading out from it. Generally record only one word and /or symbol for each point you want to recall one main theme for each branch. Put related points on the same branches .Use different colors for related topics. Draw as many pictures and symbols as possible .When you’ve completed each branch, enclose it in a different color branch 9. Add to each Map regularly.

Use people search activities where learners talk to each other to find out information. Best learning state : the whole welcoming atmosphere of the classroom A stimulating format of inquiry and discovery that involves all your senses and is relaxing, fun-filled, varied, fast -paced.

A process that builds thinking skills , including creative and critical thinking Activations to access the material, with games, skits, plays and plenty of opportunity to practise Real life experiences , so students can put it all into practice to show they really know Regular review and evaluation sessions; and with them opportunities to celebrate learning.

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