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What recent news story has affected you the most?

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In what ways has it affected you? Use reasons and examples to support your response.” In recent days, one the foremost news that almost has involved all of the people around the world is war in Ukraine. This event might be occur in such a situation that nobody around the world has a good memory of war. Our grandfathers remind the days of World Wars, the days that were full of blood, homeless, diseases and all disasters that may happen. I have been impressed by this news by following reasons: First, I think that not only me but also all the inhabitants on the earth are against the war. It has been always refused and disagreed by anyone. For instance, Ukraine War is good example of war that occur and unfortunately thousands people died.

This war was launched just based on the some folly of one person, one president. He faced most of the people in the world with each other. Only a few persons or governments that might have benefits in doing war will favor it, or some governments that are eager to expand their authority and attain more resources such as oil, mines, industries will support this idea. However, I’m strongly disagree with such this war. Second, any kind of war, short or long lasting one will have a vast number of adverse consequences that may will never be compensated. Homelessness, death, illnesses are all an essential part of consequences that will happen in any war. When a war initiates, first of all, most of the people will be killed and houses will be destroyed. After that, there will be a lot of homeless that will have to fight with death all the days.

Diseases and illnesses will attack to the residual people of war and will harm them by affecting them. All these disasters that may occur meanwhile and after any war, will affect residents of that region in the war period and many years after finishing. Many Ukrainians are forced to leave their homeland and seek refuge in Russia. They leave their homes; break up with relatives and friends in search of a quiet life. People don’t want to die. To sum up I want to say that a war is a baffling event that unfortunately has been happening all ages in the time. This event will contain many bad results such as numerous homelesses, illnesses, and dead people. Base on the above-mentioned reasons, I am really affected and impressed by it.

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