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What Are The Three Dimensions Of Business Problems?

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The three dimensions of business problems are Organizations, Technology, and People. An example of organizations would be the rules and regulations that are set forth from within the company from the higher ups. If organizations did not set up these rules and regulations then the employee’s would just do what they thought was correct and everyone would be going in different directions and not working as a team to accomplish the same goals FedEx’s organization is set up so when they receive a package, everyone will follow specific procedures to ensure the information about the package is loaded into the system correctly so the package can to get to its final destination on time. Technology is anything from computer hardware to software to networking to the World Wide Web.

Companies such as FedEx use technology to their advantage to keep track of all the packages and provide status checks with all of these forms of technology. They can now pinpoint potential delays or misdirection of packages and get it corrected sooner by using computer systems that talk to each other. The people are skilled in what their specific job is within a company to ensure that the overall goals are met. With FedEx there are hundreds if not thousands of different jobs that all have to be accomplished just for someone to send a package and it to get the destination on time. If FedEx did not have drivers, pilots, IT personnel, then the packages would go nowhere and they would be out of business. All companies must be set up with these three dimensions and a full understanding of each dimension to be successful.

What is the difference between IT and information systems? Describe some functions of information systems

The differences between IT and information systems are that the Information Systems is at the top of the chain and the IT is one of the branches of information systems. Information systems are mainly components that collect, process, store, and distribute information within an organization and is used to give the companies the full picture. IT is the computer hardware, software, and networks used for building specific information systems and having them all link together. IT changes quite frequently to keep up with technology and must be maintained by personnel that are skilled in their jobs. The IT is the foundation for all information systems to work properly for its users at all times. If the system fails it is usually at the fault of the IT because something within the IT has failed causing the Information System to not work properly, which can put a company at a standstill until the problem has been fixed. I look at Information systems as the door to your house and the IT as the handle, if the handle does not work then the door will not work, leaving you trapped outside until the handle is fixed and people can come and go getting what they need without problems.

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