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Voice Tape

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There are many wonderful stories created but the two stories I like best are “The Necklace” and “Voice Tape.” I like this two because it can happen in reality and it can move every people’s heart in some ways. Moreover, both of the stories give a moral lesson on how to handle our life positively and how we must face and overcome every problem we encounter. These two stories also give significant to our responsibilities in life and we must not just rely on other people even it is our family member. The story of “The Necklace” happened in Mr. and Mrs. Loisel’s house, Mrs.Forester’s house, a night at the party and a shop in the Plais Royal. In this story, I think Mathilde is the one narrating the story due to the fact that the whole story revolved around her. While in the story of “Voice Tape” it happened in the house of the taxi driver and he is also the one narrating the whole story. There are four main characters in the story of “The Necklace”. Mrs.Mathilde Loisel, the wife, she is ambitious and self-centered. Mr.Loisel, the husband, he was hardworking, faithful, kind and understanding. Mr.Rampouneau, Minister of Education, the person who invited Mr. and Mrs.Loisel in the party and last Mrs.Forester, friend of Mathilde, lend her the diamond necklace.

The part of the story where the conflict happened is when Mathilde lost the necklace and Loisel tried to search for it in many places even in the police headquarters, to the newspaper to offer a reward and to the cab, but he discovered nothing. Compared to the “Voice Tape”, there are many characters in the story. Taxi driver, the person who got the clutch bag that contained three old t-shirts and tape that left by the male passenger. Mente Biglang-awa, husband of Dely, working in abroad to be of help in paying his family’s debts. Dely, a faithful, loving and caring wife and parents. Bestre, eldest and thoughtful brother of Mente and other loving family member of Mente: grandmother, grandfather, son and daughter. In this story, the conflict is whether the taxi driver look for the owner of the tape and return it, or he will just pay no mind to it and let it be. The story of “The Necklace” is revolving around Mathilde, she was ambitious and never been contended in their status in society. One day, they were invited in the party by the Minister of Education, so she asked her husband to give her some money to buy new dress and because they don’t have some money to buy jewelries, she just borrow the diamond necklace of Mrs.Forester. But after the party, when they got home Mathilde notice that the necklace was lost, so they need to work hard to be able to buy the replacement of the diamond necklace that worth 36,000 francs.

Then one day Mathilde saw Mrs.Forester and told how her look changed a lot. Mathilde said the truth to Mrs.forester that it was because of her that they were working all days and nights for 10 years just to pay all the debts, because they borrowed money just to bought a replacement of the diamond necklace and give it back to her but Mrs.Forester didn’t notice it at all and told Mathilde that her mine was false and it just worth 500 francs. This story basically wants to tell us that in life we must have contentment and satisfaction because wanting more might lead to hard times that you didn’t expect to happen. While in “Voice Tape” it was all about the taxi driver who found a clutch bag in his taxi that left by a passenger male he took to the MIA. The bag contained three old t-shirts and a voice tape and it was addressed to Mente Biglang-awa at Al-hasal Construction Co., Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He felt the urge to listen to the tape. The tape contained a message from Mente’s family members that talks about their personal needs, their debts and how they missed him. This story tell us that we must be strong and optimistic to feel the happiness that only life can possess.

Why “The Necklace” is better than “Voice Tape”, because it is more relating to women, being self-centered and ambitious, that almost all woman in the world can be, but in different ways and reasons.”The Necklace” is better due to the fact that readers can easily understand and attached to the story. It also have a lesson that gives impact on me, being contented and satisfied to what I have. Moreover, I like the three elements in the story. First the characters, because in the end of the story the main character learned something important about life that she needs to adopt. Second is the conflict, because this is the part where I got excited to what will be the decision of Mr. and Mrs.Loisel after not discovering the diamond necklace. Lastly, the theme, due to the reason that the story tell us how we must act or moved and be satisfied to the blessings that God given to us.

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