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Motherhood Essays

The Price of Motherhood: Why the Most Important Job in the World is Still the Least Valued

About the Author      Ann Crittenden is an author who is known for her ability to present the realities behind the importance of dealing with the most influential plaguing the American society at present. The said issues, especially those that are related to the American family ties have naturally intrigued …

The Loss and Rebirth of Motherhood

—The Interpretation of Sethe’s Motherhood in Beloved (Toni Morrison) Beloved, written by Toni Morrison, plays an important role in the history of American literature. This book discusses the main character Sethe, who does an understandable action but makes people hard to accept it in that social community. She loses motherhood …

Womanhood: Factory and Republican Motherhood

Since the independence of America from the British, the ideals of American womanhood have been constantly changing. Between the 1770’s and the outbreak of the Civil War, women had shifted from a gender of little power to one of great importance. Over the span of the century from 1770 to …

"Motherhood: Who needs it?" An Evaluation

While motherhood is not the stereotypical home making occupation that it was in the 1970’s, it is still one of the most important roles women play in this country. In “Motherhood: Who Needs It?” Betty Rollin openly expresses her negative opinion of motherhood. Throughout the essay Rollin elaborates on many …

Examining the structure and style of Betty Rollin's essay "Motherhood

In the essay “Motherhood: Who Needs It?” Betty Rollins does not use the most effective structure and style to argue against what she believes is the “motherhood myth” (203). Rollins opposes the idea that having children is something that all women should want, and need to do instinctively. She feels …

The Hand That Rocks the Cradle is the Hand That Rules the World: Theme of Motherhood

This poem is written by William Ross Wallace, (1819-1881). He was born in Dexington, Kentucky. HiBs first poem appeared in 1837. He was lawyer by profession, but spent more time on literature. He composed patriotic songs during the civil wr which became popular. He possessed a splendid imagination as well …

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