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United States Constitution and Rights

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Many people wonder why the Bill of Rights was made and why we have it. There are many reasons that we have the Bill of Rights and I think that we should all learn a little more about the Bill of rights and what it does for us that make it a very beneficial document for us. I will tell a little history of the Bill of rights, I will tell you what it does for us citizens, and lastly I will tell you if we can do without the Bill of Rights.

First, the Bill of Rights is one of the main founding documents of the United States of America. It consists of Ten Amendments to the United States Constitution. These amendments were added to protect basic God given rights from government interference. James Madison is credited with being the main author of the Bill of Rights. ( http://www.revolutionary-war-and-beyond.com/history-bill-of-rights.html). In 1787 the first made US Constitution was presented in Philadelphia and was ratified by the states. The Bill of rights is actually part of the US Constitution now but when the Constitution was first presented it did not contain the Bills of rights. After four years the states found the need to make rights more enforced so they decided to add the Bill of right which basically what this does is just explain everybody’s rights.

Next, the reasons that the Bill of Rights is beneficial for us and is a necessity is because the Bill of Rights explain to us the rights that we have as a US citizen. It primarily deals with every basic right that each living individual must have including the ownership of arms, freedom of religion and eminent domain. More importantly, it prohibits people from doing actions that can threaten or even compromise the value of liberty, life and property. In addition, it eliminates biases by upholding laws that are very much respectful to the establishment of religious institutions. (http://www.whyguides.com/why-is-the-bill-of-rights-important.html)

Basically the Bill of rights gives us citizens our freedom. The Bill of Rights is what makes our country the country of freedom. We are able to choose our religion. We are able to conduct our own assemblies. We have the freedom of speech and petition. There is the right to privacy. This means that there cannot be an unreasonable search conducted without prior authorization or reason.

The Bill of Rights has 10 Amendments. The 10 Amendments are: 1) Speech, religion, assembly, press 2) Bear arms 3) Quartering of soldiers 4) Unlawful search and seizure 5) Habeas Corpus, due process 6) Speedy trial, representation 7) Trial by jury in federal court 8)Cruel, unusual punishment 9) All individual rights may not be listed 10)Powers not specifically given to the Federal government are reserved to the states or individual. As you can see all these rights are very important to all of us.

Lastly, I personally do not think that we can do without the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights is what makes the United States of America a country of freedom. There have been so adjustments made to these Bill of Rights because the Supreme Court does not want to be in violation of our rights and I think that is all in our benefit. I am happy to know that the Bill of Rights is there whenever I may need it. The Bill of Rights is important to all of us because we never know if we are in a situation that we will need to exercise our rights even though when you think about I think that we all use our rights everyday of our life.

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