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Traveling Mind Set vs Home Mind Set

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Does having a closed mind set benefit more than a open mind set? Being open minded is having a mind embarks on new ideas, exploring and arguments. Being close minded is not open to new ideas and exploring. What does open minded and close minded have to do with having a traveling mind set and home mind set? Having a traveling mind set, we carry with us no rigid ideas about what is interesting. A home mind set is being settled in expectations, and assured that we have discovered everything that was interesting to us once before but not anymore. Traveling mindset is similar to having a open mindset because it is open to being detailed and looking at things in a different perspective. Unlike a traveling mindset, a home mind set is having a closed mindset, not paying attention to details, and expecting everything that is already there. According to Alain de Botton, the mindset of home relates to a traveling mindset by the happiness, how to have a traveling mindset at home,and similarities between the two.

Traveling mindset causes more happiness in ones life than having a home mindset. Being home made Alain de Botton upset. “The home town was unimpressed. It was still raining. The park was still a pond and the skies funereal… I felt there could be few worse places on earth than the one I had been fated to spend my existence in”. Alain de Botton was not happy to be back from his vacation. While in Barbados, it only right to have a traveling mindset. He explored by reading under coconut trees and swimming along baby turtles. When returning, he had a home mindset, which is also a closed mindset. His return to London was a reminder of the indifference of the world to any of the events unfolding in the lives of its inhabitants. If de Botton had a traveling mindset while returning from his trip from Barbados, he would have not felt as if being home was the worst place. de Botton was settled in his exceptions, and explored everything in London. Since living in London for a long time, it is natural he would have a home mindset rather than a traveling mindset. He has became habituated and there for he is blind to what there is to explore at home.

Other then traveling mindset causing happiness than a home mindset, try applying a traveling mindset at home. If a person can try to have an open mind, they can have a travel mind set at home. It is easier then it sounds. Applying a traveling mindset anywhere could work out, even in a bedroom. One journey could be to a window ledge or just around the bedroom its self. “De Maitstre’s own pioneering journey, rather like his flying machine, did not fly very far”. Even though the journey did not work out far, the traveling mindset was applied. Being in a bedroom with a traveling mindset made him appreciate much more than having a home mindset. When traveling to the sofa, he admired the elegance of its feet, and remember the time spent on the sofa dreaming of love and the future of his career. From traveling from his sofa to his bed, he is grateful for the time he spent in it, and takes pride that his sheets symbolizes calm and pleasantness. He approached his bedroom with humility. He looked pass the expected and looked at what was interesting about his room. Having a traveling mindset will give the effect of that.

Also, the traveling mindset and home mindset have similarities. Being at home and traveling both gives a person a different perspective, and makes the person look closely and detailed. “Look around me as though I had never been in this place before”. Alain de Botton could be applying that to either somewhere at home or away. Just taking a walk through a local park could make you look very detailed then usual. When De Maistrean took a journey through the park, he noticed many detailed objects and people. He noticed things such as a giant billboard that was advertising gray, blond children walking along the main road, variety of shops and restaurants, and double decker bus. He went on this walk with no particular goal in mind. Without walking with a particular goal in mind, many things attracted his attention. The first time he moved to this area, he was more focused than he is now. “My walks along the street had been excised of any attentiveness to beauty, of any associative thoughts, any sense of wonder or gratitude, any philosophical digressions sparked by visual elements”. This walk made him look at things more detailed, and made him appreciate the smaller things.

In conclusion, having a traveling mindset can cause happiness than having a home mindset. It is also possible to have a traveling mindset at home. Traveling and home mindset share similarities, which is looking at the smaller details and appreciating. Having a traveling mindset benefits more than a home mindset. Weather de Botton was away or home, he applied having a traveling mindset and it made him look through a different perspective and appreciate, rather a than a home mindset where everything was expected. Having a open mindset will benefit for a life time, a closed mindset will benefit for a short time.

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