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Adventure Essays

My Visit to the United States Where I Realised What My Future Goal Is

At the age of sixteen, my parents decided to send me to another country. The main reason was to learn a new language, to become more disciplined and independent. My family is the most important thing I have in this life. There are four of us: mom and dad, my …

Why Volunteer Travel Is The Best Way To Travel

8 years ago I change my life forever. Most people want to travel, and yet never do. Youth is a powerful stage in our lives, you can do everything you want when you have none or minimal responsibilities, you are free and independent. As you grow older, dreams begin to …

The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey

In the classics book I read, The Hobbit, by J.R.R. Tolkien. The themes of adventure, Good vs evil, and loyalty make for a great read. A long time ago, before the events of Lord of the Rings, was a hobbit whose name was Bilbo. Bilbo Baggins is a hobbit who …

The First Time That I Came To The United States

I always wanted to visit the United States. Despite of being an I am American Citizen, I didn’t know about the country. The first time I Came here was when I was fifteen years old. It was my birthday gift when I turned fifteen years old. When I was fifteen …

The Extraordinary Tale Of Catalina De Erauso

Lieutenant Nun details a story about a young Spanish female, Catalina de Erauso, and her extraordinary life and adventures in Spain and the New World. As a child she is put in a Dominican Covenant where she trains to become a nun until the age of fifteen, this is not …

Our Family Adventure In Alaska

For my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary my extended family and I visited Alaska on a weeklong cruise. I was younger at the time, so I was focused on basic site seeing, panning for gold, and attending the classic tourist traps. I only wish that I could have been older to …

My True Peaceful Adventure

Recently life at school has gotten a little bit… interesting. It started in my last period History class. The teacher was talking about the first president or an Egyptian Farrow. I was daydreaming as usual and started to smell something a little bit weird. It was the smell of cologne. …

Hiking the Appalachian Trail

Little over a year ago, Dan was getting into shape for the hike of a lifetime. He is a 25- year old with an adventurous spirit and a rebellious attitude. He never liked to stay in one place for long, and he is never bored because he is a creative …

Emily Dickinson Literature Is Adventure

Emily Dickinson in this poem writes about how much power a book has, to make you explore places that you did not know of before. As she writes about the journey that books can give you, she uses various forms of transportations to compare. A book is compared to a …

Climbing Peaks Outdoor Adventure that Shape Your Life

It is said that the mountains are the beginning and end of the nature. If you are planning a trip to experience the best of the mountains then look no further, the country of Himalaya Nepal fulfils all your needs. Nepalese Himalaya offers an imperative assortments of mountaineering opportunities for …

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