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The Wisest Man That I Know

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This paper is talking about the characteristics of wisdom which is possessed by the chosen individual that I have picked as my main topic, the attributes that make this individual wise, the attributes that I have developed more than any other, and the attributes that I need to develop fully in the years to come. In order to research this given topic I have chosen to use Chapter 10 as a listed resource along with my personal experience that has given me knowledge in the area of this subject and I shed some light on the subject of the individual other than myself that I have chosen to write about. I have learned some interesting facts about myself and the chosen individual that I knew that he possessed, but writing this paper has brought them to light that shows me and other people what kind of a great man that he is.

The wisest man that I know:3

Being wise is able to show that you have experience, knowledge and good judgment. I am not saying that he is perfect because there is no “perfect” human being but he (my fiancé, Dalton) possess 22 out of the 24 of the characteristics listed in Chapter 10: Creativity, curiosity, open-mindedness, love of learning, perspective, authenticity, bravery, persistence, zest, kindness, love, social intelligence, fairness, teamwork, forgiveness, modesty, prudence, self regulation, appreciation of beauty and excellence, gratitude, hope, and humor. There are many qualities that make him wise in his own right. He is older in years, he has been “around the block” (he has lived, loved and seen more things than I have)and he has experienced a lot of different things in life.

He encompasses the knowledge that he has gained throughout his life and he guides me through many things with the life lessons that he has learned and lived through. The act of good judgment plays a big role in his personality as a person and as a man. He not only thinks of how to overcome things or ideas but he also looks at them with more than one perspective and with doing that he is able to find the best and adequate solution to fit what is in front of him. With everything that he has lived and gone through in his life, he bestows a lot of courage, strength, will, determination with the know-how in me that I am able to succeed in accomplishing my hopes and my dreams.He is a well-rounded, talented, smart, and insightful individual and that is why I feel that all of the qualities that I have listed make him wise to me in more ways than one.

The wisest man that I know:4

He is a well-rounded, talented, smart, and insightful individual and that is why I feel that all of the qualities that I have listed make him wise to me in more ways than one. The attributes that I feel that I have developed the most would have to be: Love of learning, curiosity, persistence, kindness, love, fairness, team work, forgiveness, modesty, persistence, gratitude, social intelligence, and hope. None of the attributes were learned overnight and it took me learning from my parents, and watching other individuals in my life. From my experience in life, I feel that these attributes that I listed above helps me in my adulthood through my personal life and school life. People are all different in their own right and not all of us possess the same qualities as the next person, but I feel that is what makes individuals and the people that we are.

I do believe that having these attributes, helps me to be the person and the woman that I am today. It is going to take me the rest of my life to attain more attributes and even then I may not attain all of the listed attributes that are listed in Chapter 10 of our reading for the week. The attributes that I need to develop more in the upcoming years would have to be: Leadership, appreciation of beauty and excellence, religious/spirituality, and hope. Personally, I have some issues with leadership because I am afraid that I will direct people in the wrong direction and I am also scared of that challenge of misleading them. With appreciation of beauty and excellence, I have self esteem issues that stem from childhood and I know that if I work on this attribute that it will better me as a person. When it comes to religiousness/spirituality, I believe in good/bad luck and that things don’t happen for a reason in life. Strengthening hope in my personal life, is a key component that I lack and with the help of my fiance’ he talks me through all the hardships that I face in life.

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