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The synthetic glue

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This chapter presents the concepts related in the scientific investigatory project. The researcher present the history of glue as adhesive and how it evolved and turn into the synthetic glue known to us today. The materials and substances used in the investigatory project were analyzed and the reasons why there were used were also discussed. The process on how glue manages to stick objects is also held in focus (Blablawriting, N. D. ). Adhesive is used to combine or adhere objects. A particular example of it is the glue. The glue is a sticky jelly like substance, used for sticking things together.

These substance were used from the ancient times up to presents (Blablawriting, N. D. ). During the 18th century, either gums from plants or hides and bones of animals are used as glues in woodworking. But these adhesives are not that strong. But despite of this, the people used the glue to stick pieces of wood together (Blablawriting, N. D. ). Today, glues are synthetic. They dry quickly and form really strong bonds. The one that acts the fastest are called superglues or instant glues. These synthetic glues set in seconds.

Synthetic glues are made from petroleum chemicals that form into acrylic resin. When the glue is exposed to even the smallest trace of moisture, the small molecules form longer ones in a process called polymerization (Blablawriting, N. D. ). The glue contains acidic stabilizer that prevents the adhesive molecules to combine. With this, the glue is kept liquefied. The acidic stabilizer is neutralized when it gets contact with moisture. Once the stabilizer has been neutralized, the adhesive molecules combine in chains, forming a semi-solid to solid fixative (Blablawriting, N.D. ).

In this scientific investigatory project, the researcher used powder milk. It is to avoid too much curdling in the mixture. The white vinegar which is the stabilizer will be neutralized once it gets contact with the baking soda and water which provides moisture. White vinegar was used to maintain the color of the mixture which is white. The stablizer which happens to be the vinegar keeps the molecules from linking and keeps the glue liquefied. Some use cassava flour in making glue some use Styrofoam, honey in making (Fatima, 2014).


Milk is a white liquid produced by the mammary glands of mammals. It is the primary source of nutrition for young mammals before they are able to digest other types of food. Early-lactation milk contains colostrum, which carries the mother’s antibodies to the baby and can reduce the risk of many diseases in the baby. It also contains many other nutrients. As an agricultural product, milk is extracted from mammals during or soon after pregnancy and used as food for humans. Worldwide, dairy farms produced about 730 million tons of milk in 2011. India is the world\’s largest producer and consumer of milk, yet neither exports nor imports milk.

New Zealand, the European Union’s 28 member states, Australia, and the United States are the world\’s largest exporters of milk and milk products. China and Russia are the world’s largest importers of milk and milk products. Throughout the world, there are more than 6 billion consumers of milk and milk products. Over 750 million people live within dairy farming households. Milk is a key contributor to improving nutrition and food security particularly in developing countries. Improvements in livestock and dairy technology offer significant promise in reducing poverty and malnutrition in the world (Fatima, 2014).

Casein Glue

Casein glue is the name for a family of related phosphoproteins (αS1, αS2, β, κ). These proteins are commonly found in mammalian milk, making up 80% of the proteins in cow milk and between 20% and 45% of the proteins in human milk. Casein has a wide variety of uses, from being a major component of cheese, to use as a food additive, to a binder for safety matches. As a food source, casein supplies amino acids, carbohydrates, and the two inorganic elements calcium and phosphorus (Fatima, 2014).


This is a liquid consisting mainly of acetic acid (CH3COOH) and water. The acetic acid is produced by the fermentation of ethanol by acetic acid bacteria. Vinegar is now mainly used as a cooking ingredient, but historically, as the most easily available mild acid, it had a great variety of industrial, medical, and domestic uses, some of which (such as a general household cleanser) are still promoted today. There are many types of vinegar such as: coconut, cane balsamic, apple cider and many more (Fatima, 2014).

Baking soda

Is the chemical compound with the formula NaHCO3. Sodium bicarbonate is a white solid that is crystalline but often appears as a fine powder. It has a slightly salty, alkaline taste resembling that of washing soda (sodium carbonate). The natural mineral form is nahcolite. It is a component of the mineral natron and is found dissolved in many mineral springs.

It is among the food additives encoded by European Union, identified by the initials E 500. Since it has long been known and is widely used, the salt has many related names such as baking soda, bread soda, cooking soda, and bicarbonate of soda. In colloquial usage, its name is sometimes shortened to sodium bicarb, bicarb soda, or simply bicarb. The word saleratus, from Latin sal æratus meaning aerated salt, was widely used in the 19th century for both sodium bicarbonate and potassium bicarbonate. The term has now fallen out of common usage (Fatima, 2014).



How to Make Glue from Milk

Homemade Glue

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