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The stages of the customer experience of the sales funnel

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There are some the stages of the customer experience of the sales funnel:

Awareness – This is the first stage of the funnel. Potential clients are being brought into this stage by marketing campaigns, discovery or consumer research. The examples of this are social media, direct mail, media mentions and so on. At this point, the lead generation takes place when the information is being gathered and the leads are being pulled in by lead management system where they are nurtured to go down further down the funnel.

Interest – When leads have been created, the come into the interest stage, where they educate them self-more about the company, product, and service from any information provider. This is where the brands develop an opportunity to build the relationships with the potential clients and nurture them further by emails and any other content that is relevant to the client’s needs.

Consideration – At this point, the leads have been turned into marketing qualified leads and are looked at fully as potential clients for the product or a service. At this point marketers tend to send automated emails to the leads of more information about products or service, any offers that are available as well as nurturing them with free trials, case studies, target content and so on.

Intent – In order to be able to get into this stage, the potential client must show that they are interested in purchasing the products or service from your brand. This usually happens when a survey takes places; the product has been placed into the cart or after a product demonstration. This is an important stage for the marketers as they have to ensure that the potential client sees that they have the best product or service available out there.

Evaluation – In this stage the buyer makes a decision if to purchase or not to purchase the product. This is where the prospect turns into the customer if the marketers manage to convince by nurturing the decision proses closely that their brand’s product is the best choice.

Purchase – The last stage of the funnel is when the customer has made the decision to buy the product or the service from your brand. The sales transaction will be taken care of at this stage and positive experience of the customer may lead to a referral that will fuel the top of the marketing funnel which will lead to the proses starting again.

Definition of conversion can mean anything from a purchase to a social share, a download and so on. Most of the small businesses do not have a clue about where their business comes from because they haven’t been tracking their conversion. Knowing how your conversion rate works can be the first steps to gaining knowledge on how your sales funnel is performing and what marketing avenues produce the best return on investment.

To calculate the conversion rate you need to know your number of leads and the number of sales you make:

Conversion Rate = Total number of sales / Number of leads *100

But if you would like to track the conversion rate from the website leads your formula will be a little different:

Conversion Rate = Total number of sales / Number of unique visitors *100

The factors that may affect sales funnel conversion rate is the customer lifecycle. In order to maintain the life cycle ongoing, you must maintain the relationship between you and your customer, as well as you must deliver the correct product or service they are after to a high standard. If that does not happen, then you may lose multiple customers by ending their customer lifecycle.

Also, it is important to maintain the quality marketing activity in order to be able to be able to attract new leads and maintain the loyal customers. This is important because if that’s not maintained the effect of that would be losing the customers, losing the profit, losing the reputation and could mean result in losing the business altogether.

In addition to that having the right quantity of marketing activity is crucial. This is because will have a big impact on how many leads and prospects you will attract to your brand, product or service. This could mean, that if your marketing activity is working and you decide to expand it, you will see that the sales funnel will start performing better and eventually you will start increasing your profit.

There are many ways in when you could customize analytics report technology for digital marketing campaigns. This is important to do so because you want the people who are reading to be able to see the information they want and to ensure they understand it. One of the ways to do this is by using Historical context. This is basically pulling requested data together when comparing to prior historical periods, which is very useful. So rather than showing only the data from last 60days you could also how data on the same time frame a year ago.

It’s also important to include text to describe the data shown in charts or tables that you create for the client. This will hold client attention better when you include hard data – evidence results – text description than charts text alone. This is because it allows the client to understand the data better.

You could also make the client understand, define and report potential goals as most of the time the clients would like to see the specifics of their product, service or business too.

There are many ways to be able to test your digital marketing campaign. The most basic one would be through social media platforms providing an affordable and effective way to test messaging with your target audience. By running a small test you will see if this would be effective and would it be worth in investing heavily in one message or another.

You could also allocate a small amount of money to invest in testing. This will ensure that you full budget works hard and is efficient. Each campaign will have the difference between them, meaning the small investment to put into testing may be different but around 5-10% should be enough to produce a measurable result. This will allow you not make the decision that will apply to the entire campaign.

You could same type of content that you would like to use in your campaign but change them slightly. For example, the color, text size, layout etc. as this can attract more of action-information knowledge would be useful before your launch your main campaign.

Ensure to choose correct target audience by defining them. Then you could split the target audience into small groups and launch your mini-campaigns to see how the audience will react to them. This will show you what works best and it isolates variables to creative combinations making it simple to be able to analyze the result of the test.

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