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The righteous male companions of Prophet Muhammad

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In Surah Ahzaab verse # 23 Almighty Allah talks about the righteous male companions of Prophet Muhammad and in the same surah Allah also mentions about the female companions of Prophet Muhammad and we all know that the great female companions of our beloved Prophet were His wives and in the same respected Surah Allah commanding Prophet to speak with His wives about this life and hereafter. They all were the pious and virtuous women, willing to go at any level to please Allah and His messenger, they were fully obedient of Allah and His Prophet, they all choose Allah, His Prophet and the life of Akhirah instead of this world, they were the best among all women that’s why Allah labelled them by the title of “MOTHERS OF BELIEVERS”. But there is one special among them whom Prophet loved the most and accept her preference over His others lived wives, the greatest in an honor and rank none other but Hazrat Aisha (r.a).

Her full name was Aisha bint abi Bakr, her father was well known and closest Sahabi, Abu Bakr Siddique (r.a) and her mother name was Umme Ruman (r.a) of course both of her parents does not need any introduction. Hazrat Aisha says about herself that she saw her parents Muslims In her childhood it means that she grew up in very Islamic atmosphere.It’s also mention by Hazrat Aisha that Prophet do daily visit to their house in Makkah.Hazrat Aisha was 6 years old when her nikkah was done with Prophet Muhammad.

Narrated by Hazrat Aisha: “That the Prophet married her when she was six years old and the consummated his marriage when she was nine years old, and then she remained with him for nine years (i.e., till his death).” Volume 7, Book 62, Number 64
She was the only virgin whom Prophet married to also It I is mention in Sahih Hadeeth that her face was shown to Muhammad in His dream,

Narrated by Aisha:

“Allah’s Apostle said to me, ‘You were shown to me in a dream. An angel brought you to me, wrapped in a piece of silken cloth, and said to me, ‘This is your wife.’ I removed the piece of cloth from your face, and there you were, I said to myself. ‘If it is from Allah, then it will surely be.’” (Volume 7 book 62 hadees # 57).

Prophet and Hazrat Aisha\’s marriage is more than just love and bond that they share, there marriage brings great benefit to the believers, and because she spent her all time with Prophet and due to her intelligence and confidence we received bulk of our deen from her. She memorizes the book of Allah, She learned every single thing from the life of Prophet until she became known as the most knowledgeable among all the women so much so that her nephew Abdullah ibn Zubair said about his aunt that i knew no one who know more than her. She was fully aware about the verses of Qur\’an, in the laws of inheritances, every practice of Muhammad, in narrations as well as in historical events. Because of her great memory and her close companionship with Prophet while watching his every move we received 2210 narration from her which were of great value and fully authentic.She lived for 8 years and 5 months with Prophet ﷺ,She was the one who narrates most of ahadees without any obstacle.She has students who were male in fact greatest Sahaba came to her and ask questions.

One of the Sahaba named Abu Musa said about her that if we found any difficulty in understanding of any hadees we would ask about it to Hazrat Aisha and we always received an answer. She was too patience about her worldly life but never tease Muhammad even though She did manage for 3 months with dates and water only.

She was exonerated by Allah in Quran in Surah Noor, when hypocrites of Medina made an evil issue about her clean character and after the settlement of this issue Hazrat Aisha felt very pride of herself by mentioning that Allah has mention about her in His Holy Book. They both have great understanding between them,even though Prophet had also made some races with Her.While having intelligence Allah also gives Her beauty as mention in hadees narrated by Ibn ‘Abbas:

“That ‘Omar entered upon Hafsa and said, “O my daughter! Do not be misled by the manners of her who is proud of her beauty because of the love of Allah’s Apostle for her. “By ‘her’ he meant ‘Aisha. ‘Umar added, “Then I told that to Allah’s Apostle and he smiled (on hearing that).”
Volume 7, Book 62, Number 145

There is also one more blessing which we receive in Islam through her, a big ease for Muslim Ummah that is “Ayaat of Tayyamum”. At one of the Prophet’s journey when Hazrat Aisha and other Muslims were with Him, she lost her necklace so Allah’s Apostle stayed there to search for necklace,there were no water at that place, so the people came and did complain about the situation to Hazrat Abu Bakr, Hazrat Abu Bakr also get anger on Hazrat Aisha,

Narrated by her:

“Abu Bakr admonished me and poked me with his hands in the flank, and nothing stopped me from moving at that time except the position of Allah’s Apostle whose head was on my thigh.” Volume 7, Book 62, Number 177.

Its shown her love for Prophet that she was so conscious about his rest. And then Allah revealed the verses of Tayammum. Said by Usaid bin Hudair (one of the companion of Prophet) that, “O the family of Abu Bakr! This is not the first blessing of yours.”
Allah’s Apostle spend his last days with Hazrat Aisha and at last he did miswak which was chew by Hazrat Aisha for his comfort.

Narrated by Hazrat Aisha:

“That during his fatal ailment, Allah’s Apostle, used to ask his wives, “Where shall I stay tomorrow? Where shall I stay tomorrow?” He was looking forward to Aisha’s turn. So all his wives allowed him to stay where he wished, and he stayed at ‘Aisha’s house till he died there. ‘Aisha added: He died on the day of my usual turn at my house. Allah took him unto Him while his head was between my chest and my neck and his saliva was mixed with my saliva.”
Volume 7, Book 62, Number 144

After the death of Prophet fdfa Hazrat Aisha continues her teachings in Madina and died at the age of 67.


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