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The required position in the organization

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According to Edwin B. Flippo, “Recruitment is the process of searching the candidates for employment and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the organization”. Recruitment is the activity that links the employers and the job seekers. Three types of recruitment are occur when an organization hire new candidates for the organization.1. Planned: the needs get up from changes in organization and retirement policy.2. Anticipated: Anticipated needs are those movements in personnel, which an organization can predict by studying trends in internal and external environment.3. Unexpected: Resignation, deaths, accidents, illness give rise to unexpected needs. Recruitment and selection of employee mainly functioned by HRM Department of the organization. Who identify the need of recruitment and setup the process of hiring the suitable candidate for the required position in the organization?

Recruitment policy

Recruitment process can be a hectic task for the organization if they have not a recruitment policy. A good reputed organization always has an effective recruitment and selection policies which can help to eliminate the employee turnover and make it easy to choose the right candidate. Who not only meet the need of work–related competencies but also complement the core values of the organization. A right candidate is supreme important for continues success of the organization. Main features of the recruitment policy : 1:transpance in the hiring,2:merit based hiring,3:candidates consistency,4:creditability of the organization,5:accurate job description.  Policy is “a course or principle of action, adopted or proposed by a government, party, business or individual” (Australian Concise Oxford Dictionary).

Recruitment policy for the selection of teaching staff

Policy provides guidelines of the principles and processes for recruitment and selection of teaching staff in schools, the policy covers all schools and all teachers’ allocation to schools in our public education system. This fact can be attributed to recruitment challenges that face school administrations, district schools, and provincial educational departments all over the world. Consequently, there is an emerging need to examine the processes of teacher recruitment, screening, selection and hiring. Teacher recruitment procedure is vital in being one of the significant factors in providing effective teachers.

Recruitment policy for teachers in Pakistan

The starting point to improve the quality of teaching is to make the recruitment process transparent and selection merit based. The status of teacher recruitment in Pakistan has not been boosting in the past as political interference, nepotism, ghost teachers and nontransparent practices dominate the process. Now it is a heartening note that recent efforts have been encouraged in all the provinces to improve matters. Here we only mainly discuss about the recruitment policy for teachers in the province of Punjab. For recruiting the qualified teachers, Government of Punjab was developed authentic policies in last years. Purpose of these policies was to recruit efficient teachers to make the education of student’s effective brief detail of recruitment policies in last years are presented below.

Recruitment policy 2004

In the recruitment policy (2004), the recruitment of teachers was made on the bases of educational qualifications. Selection of teachers was made on merit or based on experience in the relevant field. No professional qualification was mentioned or asked for in the recruitment policy of teachers.

Recruitment policy 2005-2006

In the recruitment policy (2005-2006), the policy was upgraded with academic and professional qualifications which were preferred for the betterment of school education. This policy focused on availability of teachers in every school, increase enrollment in school and improve the quality of education in public schools.

Recruitment policy 2007-2008-2009

In the recruitment policy (2007-2008), the teacher professional education was most preferred at primary and elementary level, PTC, CT, and B.Ed. was must for recruitment as a teacher. On the higher stage, professional education was must for teaching job.

Recruitment policy 2011-2012-2013

In the recruitment policy (2011-13), the candidates having academic qualification were considered. Without professional qualification, candidates appear in the merit list .Selected candidates were directed to get professional qualification within three years otherwise their contract will be canceled after three years. There was a provision that candidates having M.Phil. & Ph.D. in relevant science subjects will be considered for educational qualification.

Recruitment policy 2016

The 2018 targets of Parho Punjab, Barho Punjab may be achieved by taking the following measures:- i) Filling of all vacant teaching posts; ii) Reducing overcrowding and multi grade teaching through redressal of shortage of teachers; iii) Reduction in the span of control of AEOs; iv) Ensuring high quality teaching/learning in every class room; v) Improving leadership and accountability at all levels; and Enabling a conducive students Learning.

Recruitment policy 2017-2018

School Education Department Government of the Punjab has been approved on 25-08-2017. The revised policy will replace the earlier Contract Recruitment Policies. Through instant policy it has been tried to resolve the issues in the earlier Contract Recruitment Policies. Major Changes have been made in revised policy.1- The recruitment will be made at Tehsil level as well as District level.2- 1st January, 2017 will reckon as cutoff date for determination of lower and upper age limit.3- Merit Lists shall remain valid for a period of 365 days from the date of recommendations of the District Recruitment Committee.4-The applicant shall possess the minimum academic and professional qualification against the post, he applied for recruitment. 5- Professional Qualification will be mandatory for all posts and marks also increased from 5 to 10 in ranking criteria.

The main concern of this study is get opinions from in-service teachers and pre service teacher about the changes which occur in the recruitment policy of 2017-18. This study will be supported by primary and secondary research and its elements. Thus, the research will be done in keeping all the possible ethical and approved technique already developed.

Teacher’s education

The purpose of teacher education is to enable teacher to understand or command on 1) content for taught 2) knowledge of teaching methodology and techniques 3) use of teaching skills. Many policies and reforms have been brought to improve the quality and quantity of teachers’ education in Pakistan. Now in Pakistan, teacher education is given with the support of USAID through strengthening teacher education program (STEP) project. In the past two certificate programs are taught certificate in teaching (CT) and Primary Teacher Certificate (PTC), they are generally removed. Now there are many teacher education courses taught in different institutes of Pakistan like, B.Ed. honors, B.Ed. (one year program), ADE, M.A Education in early childhood, M.A Education in elementary, M.A Education in secondary, M.A Education in English language teaching linguistics, M.A science education, M.A Educational research and assessment, M.A Business education, M.A Technology education, M.Ed. (one year program) and so on.
According to UNSCO, There are 275 teacher training institutions providing pre-service training (certificates, diplomas and degrees). In addition, there are 300 teacher training resource centers in the districts.
The teacher training institutions are managed by the Bureau of Curriculum and Extension for pre-service programmers while the Provincial Institutes of Teacher Education (PITEs) are responsible for in-service training programmers.

Teachers training institutions in Pakistan

The list below comprises the teacher training institutions and the programmers offered by the
•Govt. Colleges of Elementary teachers PTC/CT and B. Ed
• Govt. Colleges of Education, B. Ed, BS. Ed, M. Ed, M.A Education
•Institutes/ departments at public universities B. Ed, BS .Ed.M. Ed, M.A Education and M. Phil/ PhD
•University of Education
• Extension centers/ IER’s in-service training (Muhammad, Sheikh, 1990)
Recently HEC announced the B.Ed. and M.Ed. (one year program as certification programs) and removed from teachers education institutions. Only honors programs degrees will be attested by HEC.

1.1 Statement of the Problem
In the words of the inventor Charles Kettering, “A problem well-stated is a problem half solved”. This study will be focus on the “Opinion of teachers on Recruitment Policy of the Government of Punjab (2017-18)”.
1.2 Objectives of the Study
Educational theorists usually think of aims, goals, and objectives in descending order of generality, as statements of educational purpose (Schubert, 1986).The research aims to investigating the opinion of teachers on recruitment policy by Government of Punjab 2017-18. The research would be structured in such a manner that it throws light on research objectives which are;
1: To know about dissemination of recruitment policies process.
2: To seek the knowledge of in-service teachers about recruitment policy 2017-18.
3: To seek the knowledge of pre-service teachers about recruitment of the policy of 2017-18.
4: To see the impact of changes which occur in recruitment policy 2017-2018?
1.3 Research Question

A research question is an answerable inquiry into a specific concern or issue. It is the initial step in a research project. The ‘initial step’ means after you have an idea of what you want to study, the research question is the first active step in the research project. Many countries are suffering from negligence of recruitment process, teacher’s shortage and their retention. Many researchers have failed to find a final solution to this doubtful chain of thinking process. The number of questions that the research would attempt to answer would be:
Question 1: How you come to know about teacher’s recruitment policy, 2017-18?
Question 2: Is dissemination of information regarding teacher’s recruitment policy in 2017-18 appropriately?
Question 3: Is in-service teachers agreed with rules and regulations of recruitment policy 2017-18?
Question 4: how much pre- service teachers are satisfied with changes which occur in 2017-18?
Question 5: How much difference exists in the opinion of in-service and pre-service teacher regarding recruitment policy 2017-18?

1.4 Significance of the study
Purpose of this study was to know the opinion of in-service teachers and pre- service teachers on the recruitment policy 2017-18.This study provides information to the government of Punjab to improve the rules and regulations of the recruitment policy 2017-18.It can help government to know the problems of recruited teachers. This study helps educational institutes to improve the quality of students for practical work.
1.5 Operational definitions of terms used in the thesis
Teacher is who taught or instruct, different subjects to students like history, biology, etc.
The process of finding and hiring the best-qualified candidate (from within or outside of an organization) for a job opening, in a timely and cost effective manner.
A course or principle of action adopted or proposed by an organization or individual.

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