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The Issues with Balancing school,work and family

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Having a family is a big responsiblity. When you add having three children with going to school and work, it can make life very hectic. Going to school and having a job takes a lot of work. Not only for the person who is dealing with all of these commitments, but for the entire family. They all have to work together as one unit to make it all not only possible, but successful. There are six important things that a family has to overcome for everything to run smoothly. Making time for family, dealing with lack of sleep, sacrifices that going to school and work might have on the family, dealing with relationship strains, dealing with emotions that might arise within the family, and how to manage time between school, work and family. Making time to spend with family sounds easy, but in reality it is very hard to do. From clocking in long hours at work, just to come home and do homework for school.

Then as soon as homework is finished, it’s off to bed to do it all over again. It takes a very determined person to find the time to spend with their family, even if it’s just for an hour or two to connect with each other. It may just be a family dinner or a movie night to connect, but in the end it will make a big difference. When a person works to better themselves, there are a lot of sleepless nights. They have to work very hard not to be snappy and irritable towards the people they love. Lack of sleep is one of many things a person has to deal with while balancing a family, school and a job. Dealing with sacrifices, such as lack of sleep, is part of the workload that school and a job might have on the family. Another problem that might arise with the balancing act of so many responsibilties is losing the connection with the other family members.

Between working and going to school, somebody would be out, away from home for a majority of their time. Family members also have their own agenda, and in time, they lose their connection with the person going to school and work. Familial sacrifices is another one of the problems that comes with juggling a family, school and work. If the family has any children, the parent might miss inportant events in the child’s life, such as recitals and birthdays; holidays can also be affected by doubled up schedule. Not being there with your family is definitely the biggest sacrifice of all. Having a large, closely connected family comes with dealing with emotions that come from those people. If there is children involved, it makes it that much harder.

The child might start acting out to get attention from the absent parent. Children dont know how to communicate their feelings. Therefore, it will take lots of patience to let them know this is temporary, and it will get better soon. The things a family needs to overcome with juggling a busy lifestyle, is to learn how to manage the time for everything knowing how to fit school in with working and having a family. There is not enough time in a day to get everything accomplished. Everyone in the family has to manage their time as well. A family that sticks together can get through anything together including balancing lifes challenges. In conclusion, there are many difficulties involved with trying to maintain a social and family orientated life, on top of the responsibilities of work and school. But despite all of these issues, there is one thing that makes it all worth while. Being able to make life better for not only yourself, but also for your children.

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