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The image of the narrator character in the novel in “Eugene Onegin”

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The novel “Eugene Onegin” is the result of creative maturity of Pushkin, and it is the richest content and its most popular product. The text reveals to the reader a broad picture of Russian reality since the beginning of the XIX century, populated by full-blooded human characters.Among them stands a particular presence – a story. Along with the main characters stand out and his personality, hidden behind the image of the hero story. In effect, he said Romanov in confessional self-form, dialogical “you” and “we”-form and tretolichnoto “he” in which we find vsevizhdashtiya storyteller.

Thus it makes the image avtoharakteristika their relationship and expressed the attitude towards the characters and events while making an objective look at the work shown in the world. Hero storyteller commented saprezhivyava, deny or approve – he was an active figure in the novel reveals its strengths and weaknesses, has clarified moral values established notions of good and evil in life. Before us stood a sociable interlocutor who is looking for reader confidence and he trusts him.

At the beginning of the novel the narrator begins to build its image, conspiracy in the first person singular and addressing the “you” – adersat. This means proximity between the two, and is also referred to their relationship of friendship that has inspiration of creativity. This one will understand the beauty of the creative act and will be able to evaluate ‘heads with colorful poetry, whose range of features is very rich. This is the first feature by the image of the narrator. Above all, he stands before the reader as an artist and it considers most important and most substantially in their life, because according to him is born of imagination on a white sheet is the clearest expression of feelings, thoughts and experiences pobrani the human soul.

From now on the pages of the novel unfolds throughout the poet’s attitude to his offspring dear-verse.He professes sorrow and sweetness of their creation and simultaneously reveals his samotnicheska figure that will be misunderstood by others – a characteristic of the romantics to man – society. Maker is satisfied that the work created by him will be subjected to “false criticism, gossip, and this will be his” glory “. This finding is ironic proof otdalechenotta him from the crowd – shallow thinking and unable to understand the deep feelings. In a time devoid of ideals, the creation of poetry is becoming synonymous with existence, it heals the soul from life’s tragedies and enlightens the mind:

Free I search the Union

of wondrous sounds and dreams.

Create, not the heart grieves … (Pushkin, p. 76).

Creativity is the spirit of the asylum and there is a full man – restored his ability to dream and be happy. Esestveno is the desire of the poet’s life after the transition to leave a trace, and the only immortal thing is created from his pen:

Not for the praise I dreamed

but it seems to me, I would like

their own lot to glorify

he ever remembered here

for me at least ednichak sound (Pushkin, p. 97).

The meaning of the work of the artist is the memory of coming after him to keep born of his heart.

Other links, which reveals the image of the narrator is that between him and the protagonist in the work – Onegin. Most often makes a parallel between the two and therefore has no chance in the underlined text friends. When zagovorva hero in “we” – form the impression that he speaks on behalf of a whole generation. Common technique used, which constructs the characteristic is the irony. It issued intellectual attitude, the way the world is perceived and values that manifest.The narrator looks at critical mores of society, creating a seemingly educated people: “we are taught little more than” grandstanding and promoting education in whose aim is to “shine”, defined as something “easy” in an environment with its clearly defined mediocrity. The hero declares his belonging to a fake world, but also puts a sharp border between what was and what is the present. Actions submitted in the past perfect time were: “I lost my balls in your mind,” life without consciousness rasp.

They are defined as events of youth, which is lush, filled with joy and splendor, but with “crowds” – lacking a deep thoughts and feelings live. From your current position changed person narrator can now be self-critical to their former appearance with his usual levity, women’s addiction to “step” longing for kisses, fast ignition and quench love.Now, in the present, he said, although it belongs to high society, distanced itself from him because he has the ability to become a puppet of human personality to its deletion. It supports the most important in life – love, family, friendships are forged. Requested by spiritual kinship between Onegin and the narrator is drawn image of the Romantic hero type – the work bears many of the features of Romanticism. Identified is the distance from the surrounding reality, the feeling of neuyutnost, poshlost disgust of his reign and hypocritical morality. This causes a negative spiritual conditions in different thinking and feeling – it was dark I – bitter.

Ozloblenieo reaction is malice and the other, and the fate and provoking contempt for the world. Life is perceived as suffering, the man understands the impossibility of happiness and illusions of the past compared with the snake – a symbol of evil and death. In this character live with the thought of his “imprisonment”. Trying to overcome the negative conditions for religious character narrator is communicating with a related spiritual essence. He was “embarrassed” and “captured” by the dreams and the mind of Onegin and soul and mind are two poles, which define the value of human personality. The ability to dream and to live in an ideal world and experiencing the joy of contact with the narrator character associated with another image from the novel – that of Lenski. The tragic conclusion is that reality is hostile to the romantic figures and condemning them to death.

To escape the grim existence is born the natural human stermezh search output. About this story character issue is travel. It is an attempt to escape from internal discomfort and how to achieve harmony, so he yearns for foreign countries in the Adriatic and Albion. And the images of the storm and waves, which bears his imagination, a symbol of eternal motion of the monotony of life destroyed. But escape is related to the complaint native De suffering, love and passion in my heart I buried. Metaphor with a double heart disposal interpretation – on the one hand, the heart may be left in native land as a testament to the character constant belonging to it, on the other, can mean love, revoked, destroyed in the very country feeling more human inability to love. In the context of work and both interpretations are correct, because the country feels provoked pole and its image by contrast are opposed to nature and civilization, antiquity and modernity.

Denial, as mentioned, was made to society and the present. What unreservedly loves hero is the Russian antiquity and the Russian nature. For him, nature is the ideal embodiment, it is eternal and harmony, lovely in its simplicity. Love it translucent in each moment, which spoke for her. Call her his muse, it was “wonderful”, “peaceful”, “immense”, “magic” and to share its impact on man he wants to bring it to the other. Hence his spiritual relationship with Tatiana – natural descriptions are transmitted through his and in her eyes.

The character brings spirituality and purity of natural home in myself. It is associated with mystery and charm of old. These two allegiances put the narrator against Onegin and Tatyana, whom nature and old age are presences in his heart, causing alienation and boredom. For the narrator “glorious antiquity” is a heroic history, filled with victories and giving cause for pride. Therefore, when speaking to Moscow, for its dignity and beauty of the poet came to worship. It is costly to his heart, warm his soul and carry it in yourself. Relationship with the native becomes a mainstay of the people to withstand the tests of life.

In the constructed image of the hero story is not difficult to find avtobiografizam. The novel was written for more than 7 years and what happened in this long period of Pushkin’s life reflected in the pages of the book. In the present text face – love the place, whose characteristic is metaphorical in calm silence bloomed. Is it near the Neva and the city in which the poet felt rejected and unwanted, and mentions censorship – tegneshtata barrier to freedom of the creative act, and exiled to the south, which are the cause of verse against the king’s autocracy and serfdom law.

The novel “Eugene Onegin” Pushkin, whom A. Block coincidence called “son of harmony, creating the image of the character narrator to express his ideas through his human life, true eternal values that give meaning to existence. Denying ills of society in which he lives, affirming and spiritually pure person with high demands on themselves and others, this character becomes a moral watchdog of his time.

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