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The Greek Heros in film Percy Jackson

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I will be comparing the Greek Heros, with the 2010 film Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, directed by Chris columbus. Heroes take arduous journeys, confront Mythical creatures, discover lost treasure, and change the nature of the world with their acts of courage and selflessness. They are legendary figures, endowed with great strength and ability, who dare to heed the call of adventure. These heroes endure much opposition, hardship, and danger to transcend the average man. Ultimately, the hero emerges as an invincible warrior who, by asserting his will, changes the world. Now let’s look at the story of the great warrior Achilles. To the Greeks he was a role model of the greatest hero.

Achilles was the main character and hero of the Trojan War in Homer’s, the greatest Greek epic poets, Iliad. Achilles was a son of a King Myrmidons and the nymph Thetis. With being a Demigod, he was stronger than a normal human being, and to the Greeks, anyone with a noble birth is considered heroic. Achilles was a true warrior; he had courage and was handsome. In the Trojan War, Achilles became a feared and mighty warrior. Achilles commanded the Myrmidons soldiers to victory and conquering Troy. Achilles wasn’t always a perfect hero from the start though. He had a couple faults by letting his arrogance and temper guide him. He was a word called hubris, which is an overwhelming pride in knowing just how great one is.

My original thought when comparing Percy Jackson and the Olympians: the Lightning Thief the movie and Classical mythology were that the movie is not influenced by the myth of Perseus any more than other hero myths. The movie ties together many different heroes’ stories and mixes them together to make a wonderful story about a young boy. The movie was based on a book series written by Rick Riordan.

Every civilization throughout history has had its heroes those who represent the values of their society to the highest degree. In today’s society, we think of heroes as super-humans who can run faster than a speeding train or leap over buildings in a single bound. In ancient Greece, heroes were people who demonstrated great strength and tremendous courage in battle. Greek heroes possessed honor, strength, and courage that earned them respect in the community. In the Iliad, Homer tells the story of two warriors, Achilles and Hector, both of whom exhibit many qualities of a Greek heroes.

Greek Heroes: The heroes in Greek mythology are known for many different reasons; some of them went to the Underworld and fought with monsters, others fought with giants, sea serpents and dragons, while others are known due to their family tragedies more than anything else. The heroes of the Greek mythology became immortals, since the Gods acknowledged their fame and courage. The enduring fights and stories of these heroes moved the Gods who made them immortal, offering them a place among the Gods and deities of the Mt Olympus.

Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief- In the movie The Lightning Thief, Percy showed Bravery. Bravery is being strong enough to stand up to your problems. He showed Bravery when the chimera blew fire and lead Percy into the river. This made Percy Scared and Afraid to go back and fight it. Until, a spirit called to him and said ” Percy take the sword. Your Father believes in you”. Percy also showed arrogance and selflessness.

In this essay I learned a lot about greek heroes and percy jackson. I have been able to figure out the similarities and differences between greek heroes and percy jackson. And, how they used to work, fight etc. in ancient times.

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