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The Great Gatsby Literary Analysis

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The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is a novel about the upper-class American life in the 1920s. Specifically, it takes place from spring to fall in the year 1922. The ending of the novel is very tragic and gloomy. In the end, Myrtle, is ran over by Gatsby’s car, and the car does not stop; it keeps on speeding by. Tom is deeply affected by this because Myrtle was his girlfriend. George Wilson, Myrtle’s husband, finds out the owner of the yellow car the killed Myrtle. George goes to Gatsby’s house, and shoots Gatsby in the pool, and finally, shooting himself. After that, Nick reveals that Tom told George the owner of the yellow car. The ending of the novel does not seem fair because some of the characters who committed crimes were not punished. For example, Daisy was actually supposed to be punished for running over Myrtle, not Gatsby, and Gatsby should be punished for being part of organized crime, because he is a bootlegger.

Daisy was not punished for the hit and run situation with Myrtle, and she had gotten away with it. No one else knows about it except for Gatsby and Nick. Tom assumed that Gatsby was most likely driving the car and hitting Tom’s mistress. It was a huge mistake, and he tells George Wilson so Wilson could avenge Myrtle’s death. Wilson does believe that Gatsby ran Myrtle over: “‘It was the man in that car. She ran out to speak to him and he wouldn’t stop’” (Fitzgerald 137-138). Justice was not served fairly because Gatsby was given the punishment instead of Daisy. If Nick had told Tom that Daisy was the one driving and Daisy confesses it, she would have to be severely punished.

Gatsby was never punished for his part in organized crime. Tom knows about Gatsby’s crime. He says that Gatsby and his business partner, Meyer Wolfshiem, are in a drug store business which makes Gatsby a bootlegger: “‘He and this Wolfshiem brought up a lot of side-street drug stores here and in Chicago and sold grain alcohol over the counter”’ (Fitzgerald 118). The quote shows that Meyer Wolfshiem is also linked to organized crime and helped contribute to Gatsby’s fortune. The reason why Gatsby is a bootlegger is because the storyline takes place during the Prohibition, which is a national ban on the production, transportation, and selling of alcohol. Gatsby’s goal was to make lots of cash, and he strives to obtain his goal because he has so much perseverance.

The novel’s ending should be more fairer because some of the characters were not punished. If the ending of this novel would change, then Daisy should have got jailtime for killing Myrtle. It was Daisy’s fault for not having control of the car: “‘You see, when we left New York she was very nervous and she thought it would steady her to drive’” (Fitzgerald 126). Daisy was being careless, and in order for the ending of the novel to change, Daisy should have stopped her car after hitting her and state that she had ran over Myrtle to the policeman. Unfortunately, she left the scene of the accident, so she would have to be arrested and punished for. If Daisy was punished for the accident, and Gatsby was not, then in the resolution Gatsby would not have been murdered by George Wilson. Gatsby should be punished for committing illegal acts; selling alcohol and drugs. This was all part of organized crime, and it takes place during the Prohibition. Bootleggers were made millionaires like Gatsby.

Gatsby, a rich bootlegger tries to win Daisy’s love by his wealthiness. Gatsby’s lavish parties, colossal mansion, and how elegant he dresses makes him more charming. However, these things made Gatsby vulnerable, and Tom was able to discover that Gatsby was a bootlegger. Tom does not trust anyone who gets rich that quick: “‘I didn’t hear it. I imagined it. A lot of these newly rich people are just big bootleggers, you know’” (Fitzgerald 99). If Tom had carried out his plan of reporting Gatsby as a bootlegger, Gatsby would have been arrested and thrown in jail. He would not have been shot by Wilson.

These crimes depict the corruption of moral decay. The American Dream is also corrupted. The American Dream means independence and hard work. In The Great Gatsby, the American Dream appears to be about the pursuit of wealth. Gatsby did not put hard work in to earn his cash. He was selling illegal liquor.

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