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The functions of the Executive Support System

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Case Study : Houseware Enterprise – Answers Data are raw facts that have been collected, it is not processed or organized . Information is the retrieval of data that have been processed and organized in a structure or context to make it useful and reliable. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, “an information system is an integrated set of components for collecting, storing, and processing data and for providing information, knowledge, and digital products. Business firms and other organizations rely on information systems to carry out and manage their operations, interact with their customers and suppliers, and compete in the marketplace.

5. The three types of Information Systems that could be used at Houseware Enterprise are Transaction Processing System, Management Information System and Executive Support System. The functions that would be performed by the Transaction Processing System are: The creation of purchase orders. This means that Houseware Enterprise would be keeping track of all orders that come in on a day-to-day business operation. This will help to prevent confusion, as previous and current purchase orders would not be mixed up. Modification of data.

This would be achieved through the interaction with the system in real time to collect, store and retrieve data based on the types of furnitures, appliances and household articles that were sold. Mr. Palmer can use this data to confirm facts about his operation. Produces output. Houseware Enterprise could have a standardized TPS, so that when Mr. Palmer enter an employee’s work hours, along with the tasks he/she carried out, the system will automatically show the paycheck to be given to that employee. The functions of the Management Information System are:

To get operational performance data. This data can come from historical and current sales and inventories. This would be useful, because the enterprise would know if there has been an increase or decrease in sales. Create pre-scheduled reports. The enterprise can create these reports to help in the strategic planning and decision making process. Mr. Palmer can use the information about his sales to formulate a plan to expand the qualities and quantities of furnitures offered, so that customers can have a variety to choose from.

The decision making process would be how to price the furnitures to increase sales and productivity. Conduct analysis. Mr. Palmer can use the MIS to determine the shipment date of the new furnitures that he ordered. He have to ensure that he have enough furnitures to put on display, just in case the shipment is delayed. An alternative course of action is necessary, when conducting an analysis. The functions of the Executive Support System are: Identifying long-term trends. This helps with planning and decision making.

Houseware Enterprise could conduct research on emerging furniture styles and household articles. This way, the business can plan how they are going to incorporate new trends into their operation, so that they can be ahead of their competitors. Reports on buyer preferences. This report would outline the different types of customers, their likes and dislikes, how often do they buy, how many money they spend on average etc. Predict outcomes. This is an analysis that would help the business to foresee possible future challenges and increased productions, based on current operation strategies.

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