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The Field Of Hairstyling

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Presentation of Findings

            In the study performed by the author along with the group, which the author works along with, it has been founded that the filed of hairstyling and the work that comes along with it is indeed a colorful job. With the interviews and some survey proceedings, the author aimed to find out what type of social issues are directly affecting the field of hairstyling.

            In the application of the procedures, the author and his group were able to find out that the hairstyling industry deals with more issues than just creativity and skills. There also exist personal issues such as cultural diversity and customer styling preferences issues that different hairstylists experience in their job.

            Hence, there is an assurance that it is not only the talents and the skills of the hairstyling experts are enhanced through the different trainings that the hairstylists take. These trainings also ought to enhance the interpersonal skills of the hairstylist to be able to help them face the challenges of different people with different personalities and individualities as well. By doing so, the hairstylists are not only able to give what their customers need with regards to the service given for their hairs but also they could give the needed excellent interpersonal service expected by their clients at work.

Results and Discussions of Filed Interviews and Research

            With the interviews performed by the researchers with regards to the field of hairstyling, the researchers found several points of consideration when hairstyling industries are being talked about. Among these factors, include the existence of cultural diversity among clients. It is more often than not that this factor affects so much on how the hairstylists are able to meet the needs of their customers at work.

            Beauty is one of the most important aspects of human satisfaction in a society driven by fashion and features of physical attraction. Because of this fact, hairstyling is among the most in demand job nowadays. Requiring that almost everyone is concerned with the way they look, the hairstyling industry is sure a booming business sector.

            With the interviews performed by the researchers in Gilbert Arizona, the following results have been gathered as to how hairdressers and hairstylists are convinced that what they do is important for the human society. Having their outlook in life, which includes high self esteem as well as high regard to personality development, the hairstylists are able to adjust well with different personalities at almost anytime.

            Upon observation of the nature of the work of the hairstylist, it could be said that there is indeed a need for each of them t recreate so as to be able to retain the fine mood they have towards their everyday job. At times, the fact that their moods directly affect their working condition, they are expected to become highly inclined in joyous activities. However, the fact that their job is not that easy either, it could be identified that hairstylists are also expected to experience stress at times.

For this matter, the psychological development of every person involved in the said industry is much connected with the aim of being connected with others at all times. This specifically means that hairstylists are usually characterized in a way that they are able to deal with stress in a much easing manner compared to that of those who are dealing with more serious jobs.

Gender Differences and Its Effect to the Hairstyling Job

            From the observation that has been performed by the researchers of this paper, it could be said that in a concise manner of describing, there are about forty-five percent of  the hairstylists who belong to the ‘gay’, while at least twenty to thirty present comes from the feminine population, and the rest of the population share includes straight men.

            This is the reason why there has been a connotation that among the three gender groups of hairstylists, gays are the ones who are considered most creative among all. This could be determined by the speed and the effective procedures that they use so as to be able to complete their duties to their clients.

            On the other hand, women hairstylists are chosen as secondary level of hairstylists when it comes to quality and fine service. Why? Normally, gays are known to be more talkative and more entertaining than compared to the women sector of the population. Hence, it is simply reasonable to say that the gays have the most number of customers in this specific industry.

The Nature of Hairstyling Working Environment

            Being a hairstylist as said earlier is not at all an easy job. Although it might not require a college degree, this career requires one to be healthy enough to face the challenges of dealing with customers the whole day. They should also be able to abruptly adjust with the personality of their clients. As the informant further mentioned, Hairstylists are not only expected to do what the client asked them to do, they are also expected to entertain their customers while waiting for the hairstyling process to be completed. In this regard, hairstylists are all required to have fine personalities and excellent personal relations or PR skills.

            Wage issues on the other hand are just well dealt with by the administrators of this type of Industries in Gilbert Arizona. According to the informant, the recent wage increase application helped a lot in giving them necessary inspiration to trust their job security in the said industry. Hence, they are also inspired to do well or even better in their job.

Fun and Recreation

            As mentioned earlier, joyous activities are a part of the daily routines of many hairstylists. This does not simply concern their need to relax, but this factor of recreation and relaxation is also a source of new ideas for the said hairstylists. When the informant as asked regarding the matter, he simply replied : “ It is a necessity for all of us to enjoy our job and explore through parties to be able to get the newest trend available when it comes to the latest hairstyle” (Interviewee, Name withheld).

Hence, among the recreational activities that hairstylists engage to are parties, fashion shows, special occasions and other events alike which helps the maintain their sense of being in the band wagon of what is supposed to be the ‘in thing’ in the hairstyling industry. At times, bar hopping could also be a source of inspiration for the hairstylists and is also a source of training for them when it comes to  dealing with other people. Although these recreations may seem to be plainly for fun for other people, to the hairstylists, they are enjoying these recreations while these things ought to serve as their actual training ground for work.

Dealing With Their Personal Life Issues

            As people, they are not only hairstylists, they are also people with their own personal lives. With this, it could not be denied that all of them are facing their own problems every time they go home to their own homes. Hence, they to have to face personal challenges that life offers them. When the informant was asked, he replied that “even though life could be a difficult factor of concern for many people, hairstylists see to it that they are able to face the challenges through the way they live and fin time to relax as well”.

            Certainly, through these answers, it could be determined that the hairstylists have   a positive outlook in their life and that they are able to adjust with the complex way of living. Hence, with this outlook in life, they are able to cope up with the challenges and thus survive the life that they have to face everyday. It has been determined by psychologists that this ability to face life keeps the people having an attitude like the ‘hairstylists’ have to survive life’s stresses and depressions.

            This means that although life offers a lot of challenges, facing it with a positive outlook determines the ability of the person to survive and cope up with the adjustments which he has to face from time to time. Yes, recreation and relaxation after a long day of work helps a person see life in a better view.

            Briefly, in a concise discussion, the interview showed how much a satisfying and enjoyable work contributes to one’s satisfaction in life. Indeed, the fact that one enjoys the job he does, does not only give him a sense of satisfaction, it also inspires him to get along with life in a positive outlook.


            In the entire observation activity, it could be noticed how the informant responded to the questions in such a positive outlook in life. Yes, hairstylists admit that in many ways, their job may be the source of so much pressures and demands at times. However, the fact that they are enjoying their field of job, these challenges simply become a part of their inspirational way of facing life. Instead of becoming obstacles, their job becomes the best opportunity for them to grow and develop themselves.

            Certainly then, it could be analyzed through this paper, how much a satisfying work could affect one’s way of living. Indeed, it simply points out that the ability of one to face life’s grave depressions and stresses is determined by the way he is able to  redirect his views n life to a more positive outlook.

Selections from the Journal

            During the week of the interview and interaction activities with the informant, the researchers were able to see the hairstylists at their own work in an actual basis. Here, the researchers were able to observe some necessary points of consideration when the hairstyling industry is being discussed about. In a concise manner, here are some of the parts of the journal gathered by the researchers during the activities:

  • Time, skills and Fine Aura contributes to fine service

The way a hairstylist treats his clients is the source of real business. Once the clients are invited back to the establishment because of the fine service they received from their attendant, this is a point for the hairstylist. This determines their worth to the company they are working for.

  • Fast yet high quality jobs are valued so much

Because of the precious time of the clients, work should be done in a fast way. However, it should also occur to the attendant or the hairstylist that the quality is also of the highest concern in their service. Being able to provide both is another point for the hairstylist as this is one factor why clients are attracted to come back and experience fine service from the company again.

  • Treating other regular clients as VIP’s is a plus

Once there are already regular clients, it should occur to the hairstylist that the said client should be treated in a much comfortable way. Since the regularity of the said customer determines the capability of the attendant to already know what the client expects and what the client demands on the service that he or she should receive.

            Having these guidelines in mind, the hairstylists are able to fully adjust with the environment of their work and the demands of their clients as well. As seen clearly, it could be determined that a joyous outlook on their job and their duties is necessary for hairstylists.


Aura- The defining mood of a person that is seen in him or her even when he or she has not even spoken or acted yet; this usually depends on the facial expression of a person.

Client or Customer- the person who is attended to by a hairstylist in a salon or spa establishment.

Hairstylist- a professional hair care provider; somebody who is attending to hair care needs of a client in salon or spa establishments.

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