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The Empire of Desire – An Exposition

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Desire is one word that made great men trot the globe from time immemorial. Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism traced the source of all miseries to Desire. He concluded that one who renounces Desire is free from all miseries. But as long as there is life in man there is desire. Desires have been tempting, cajoling and tormenting honest men in to the vying hands of destiny. Adam Smith, the renowned economist called ‘human wants’ the  root cause of economic growth. Man’s wants are not only unlimited but also recurring.

Religion and the Unknown have attracted many in to its pursuit. God has always been a matter of litigation with great people. The number of religions, faiths, philosophies stands witness to this desire of knowing the unknown. To lord-over the world has been another such pursuit that saw millions of lives lost in the pretext of war.  The ancient civilizations of Greece, Rome, China and India are abundant with war histories. In the recent past the world has felt the horrific experience of two world wars all in the name of protection and acquisition. Erotic love is neither a new scenario nor an aspect to be ignored. Way back in 15th century BC the conclusive treatise on sex, Kama Sutra was written in the Indian subcontinent. Even to the present day it remains the standard reference in the science of love making. In the Greece, the cause of the mighty Trojan war had been the effects of this desire.

In an emerging Capitalistic economy desire is the key word that acts as the driving force. In the past, according the Vedic tradition which was more or less followed around the world, society was divided into four classes namely Brahmanas(the learned class responsible for the educating the society at large), Kshatriyas ( the ruling class of men who governed and protected the citizens), Vaishiyas (the trading class who were instrumental in running the economy of the society) and the Sudras ( the working class who were engaged in service from agriculture to medicine. This set-up took care of everyone’s needs. But with the advent of Capitalism this system was broken and senses gratification became the modus operandi.

Today’s Capitalism is termed as Neo- Colonialism. America, with its powerful capitalistic economy is the forerunner in Neo-colonialization. During the 19th century British Empire spread all over the world. It was said that ‘the sun never sets  in the British Empire’. The same can be said about America today. Britain exerted its influence through colonization where as the Americans are doing the same through their brands they manufacture. The American tag spells magic to the teenagers living all the way up to the Far East. Many relationships are made and broken inspired by ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ right in the heart of traditionally bound Marwari community in India or in the conservative families of Japan. Mac Donalds is the fashion statement of the people of Kuwait and ‘Bay Watch’, the new found freedom of every adolescent.

Cricket is the passion of south-east Asia and for a viewer watching one-day international cricket match on television, Coco-Cola and Pepsi are essential ingredients of the match. With the extensive use of Microsoft Windows product the usage of US English is far reaching. Today children around the world are more familiar with ‘color’ than ‘colour’. In the true sense the entire world is in the process of getting colonized all over once again. This time, it is not with army and war but by fanning desires and building world wide brands. Its brands are becoming the brand ambassadors of this mighty nation called United Nation of America.

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