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The Dark Knight Trailer Analysis

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The Dark Knight was made in 2008 and had a stellar cast including Heath Ledger, Christian Bale and Morgan Freeman. The Dark Knight was portrayed in many different ways, by an animated series, movies in the 90’s, but the best take on the comic book favorite is the dark and twisted version directed by Christopher Nolan. The shots of explosions as well as Batman jumping off buildings, really puts The Dark Knight into the action genre. Nolan also shows in the trailer a couple hints of drama that Batman must face throughout the movie. The trailer shows a little of Batman’s struggles with his new foe that he comes up against and the dark music helps to improve the drama genre aspect of the movie. The Dark Knight is an action movie, but with a twist of drama. The trailer gives both sides of the two genres with the help of the action shots and the scenes where batman is struggling. The trailer draws audiences in who are fans of drama and action movies with aspects of both genres.

The characteristics that draws an audience to The Dark Knight is the cast, the action and suspense, and the appeal of Batman. Action genre is described as having a hero or heroes who are put through a struggle with a villain or villains. Action genre is also defined by having fight scenes, fast pace chasing, explosions, etc. The trailer of The Dark Knight has scenes of what defines an action genre, it has explosions, car chases, trucks flipping over, etc. The trailer shows Batman’s new struggle that has sprung out of the darkness. This new foe named The Joker, will give Batman a run for his money and put the Dark Knight through hell, by destroying the city that Batman has given so much to protect. The Joker is shown in the trailer as a sadistic, maniacal clown bent on providing Batman with a dose of chaos and difficult choices. The trailer shows brief scenes of the joker’s chaotic plan and supports the action genre with shooting, big explosions, as well as a chase scene. The trailer draws an audience in who is attracted to the action genre by teasing them with an explosion or gunfire scene throughout the trailer. The characteristics of the trailer really help categorize the movie as an action genre.

The trailer also hints to a different aspect of the movie. The Dark Knight trailer shows more than just an action movie, it shows drama. Drama is shown in the trailer through the scenes as well as by the music played throughout it. The music is very dark and slow. These characteristics of the music allow for drama to be a part of the trailer. The music helps to tie the scenes to a more drama aspect of The Dark Knight. One of the lines in the trailer is from Bruce Wayne when he says “I see now what I must become to defeat men like him” then it cuts to a scene in the trailer where Batman is in a chair looking distraught and worn out. This scene represents the other side of the genre along with many others throughout the trailer. The music is what really gives this movie the two sided genre. Both action and drama genres are a big part of The Dark Knight. The trailer draws the audience of both genres in by showing them both action and drama scenes and by using dark music. The cast of The Dark Knight is stellar with actors like Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, and Heath Ledger.

Christian Bale has played in many movies like American Psycho, The Prestige, and Batman Begins. Bale’s performances in these movies helped a lot when making The Dark Knight because they showed how talented an actor he is. By seeing Bale in the trailer, anyone who is a fan or heard of Christian Bale’s prestigious performances and would make them want to see this movie. Another star in this cast is Morgan Freeman, who is known for his stellar acting in a large amount of movies. The movies that Freeman is known for are Shawshank Redemption, Seven, and other top movies. Freeman’s acting alone draws you to go and see The Dark Knight. The actor who ties the movie together is Heath Ledger, with performances in Knights Tale, 10 things I hate about you, and Broke Back Mountain. The Batman first appeared in the Detective comic’s issue 27 and from there on was a Comic book favorite.

Batman has grown into one of the greatest fictional Hero’s and is loved by many. The appeal of Batman draws a lot of people into going and seeing the movie because he’s so loved as a comic book hero. Batman is shown in the trailer in a darker way than usual. We get to see the Dark Knight struggle throughout scenes in the trailer and you get to see why he’s struggling. The appeal of another Batman vs. Joker battle helps to add to the appeal of the trailer and the movie. Batman’s appeal is the biggest factor in going to see The Dark Knight. The trailer tease it’s viewers with showing the Joker and hearing him say he’s going to kill the Batman. This line gets you wondering if the joker will succeed or will he fail. This alone makes people want to see the movie. The cast, the genre, and the appeal of one of the greatest comic book hero’s ever draws an audience in and makes them want to see more. These three things molded The Dark Knight into an appealing, must see movie. The trailer shows the stellar cast, the appeal of Batman, and the hints to the genres, by giving evidence that the Dark Knight in an action movie with a drama filled ride. The Dark Knight trailer is one of those trailers that get you excited to see the movie and keeps you on the edge of your seat when watching it.

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