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The cinema

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In the scene that I have chosen Mma Ramotswe is talking to someone in the cinema. This someone that she is talking to is named Nandira. This was the daughter of that dad who had hired her to watch her. Mma Ramotswe confronts her ad asked what she was trying to do with her staying out so late. After words she started telling Mma Ramotswe what was going on and why she was sneaking around behind her dad’s back. She also told her who the boy is that she was seeing. Come to find out the boy she saw seeing was not a boy at all, it was someone she just made up so her dad can trust her to pick her own husband.

The part of the story does relate to many problems that are happening in Africa. There are only two that really stand out to me in this scene. One of the problems that relate to this is that not many people use the old traditions of Africa like Mma Ramotswe like then Nandira wants to have space, do what she wants to, and hang out with boys. That is not something someone with the old traditions like Mma Ramotswe had done. The second problem in Africa would be arranges marriages. Nandiras dad wanted her to have an arranged marriage and that’s why she was sneaking around meeting boys.

Many people in Africa have arranged marriages and most do not want them like Nandira. The scene of them in the cinema shows a lot about their characters. For Mma Ramotswe it shows a lot about her being understanding and caring. When she is talking to Nandira she shows a lot of sympathy to her when she talks about her dad not letting her do anything and wanting to arrange her marriage. She also shows it by telling Nandira that she will talk to her dad about giving her some space and letting her do some of the things that she wants to do. As for Nandira, it also shows she is a nice girl who just wants her space.

It shows why she runs away. Also, why she is keeping stuff from everyone and why she lies. It shows a little bit about Mr. Petal as a father and how he treats Nandira. The way he treats her shows that he is a very traditional man. He is also very controlling, over protective, and not very easy to let go. Here are some of the quotes that relate or show a lot about that scene in the cinema. Something that Nandira says to Mma Ramotswe that shows where they are “I am looking forward to this film. ” she said pleasantly “I have wanted to see it for a long time. ” When Nandira confronts Mma Ramotswe she says “I saw you this afternoon. and “Why have you been following me? ” Mma Ramotswe asks “Are you going out with a lot of boys? ” and she tells Mma Ramotswe everything.

“No not really. ” “Jack doesn’t exist. ” She says to her “I wanted them to think I’ve got a boyfriend. ” “I want them to think there’s somebody I choose not somebody they think is right for me. ” When they were done talking about what she was doing and what was going on with her sneaking around she asks her “Are you going to tell him? ” do you thing that he might let me have a little move freedom? ”. Mma Ramotswe tells her “I could try to persuade him. ” Nandira says to her “Oh please do. ”

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