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The Aryan Nation

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The term Aryan was a name originally applied by Max Muller, a philologist in the 1800s to a language family which is now referred to as Indo-European. There are various spelling, Aran being the most commonly used (plural Arians or Aryas). This was a language spoken by a people who are supposed to have lived long ago on the Iranian Plateau of Southern Asia, between the Caspian Sea and the Hindu Kush Mountains. The people themselves were called Aryans after their language. About 3,500 years ago, some scholars believed that a part of these Aryan-speaking people conquered India bringing with them a particular branch of the Aryan language, called Sanskrit, preserved up to this day in sacred Hindu texts.

But current archeological studies would argue about this theory of Indus invasion. They interpret the Sanskrit word “Aryas” to mean “noble”, and to refer to a superior cultural group. Recent diggings suggest that Indus civilization was shut down by drought combined with a devastating flood and not thru violent confrontation. There is no solid archeological evidence of a massive invasion by a different race. However scientists still continue to dig evidence whether a true “Aryan” race truly existed (See K. Hirst, “Who Were the Aryans?”). But another branch is believed to have migrated to Europe and spread their language in this region, explaining why most European languages are very much alike.

Most European languages have Aryan tongue in origin. Later this word is also used to mean Indo-European and Indo-German. We should also note that in 1601, Holland Pliny called a region Arianes, which is scorched and senged with the parching heat of the sun. Given the latitude of the region described, it would be physically impossible for this region to propagate a Scandinavian/Nordic race which would later influence other nationalistic historical and romantic writers, composers, and a dictator to emulate. It was the French writer Count Joseph Arthur de Gobineau who in 1854 published a book giving a racial meaning to Aryan.

It was De Gobineau who held the white race to be superior to all others and the Aryan race to be supreme among the whites. He identified Teutons as the purest modern representatives of the Aryans. This theory aroused interest in Germany and was espoused by the composer Richard Wagner among others. Wagner was an anti-Semitic in the 19th century. Wagner believes that all Jews should be burned up. He was the unofficial court composer of the Third Reich. Adolf Hitler said that whoever wants to understand National Socialistic Germany must know Wagner.

He was a cultural hero. Although having Jewish friends, his hate originated when Jewish financers and impresarios failed to support him while he was still starting his career. To aggravate his bitterness, a Jewish competitor, composer Giacomo Mexerbeer held operas that were far more successful tan Wagner’s in the 1840s. Nevertheless, his attitude and music greatly influence Hitler and the Nazis, even though he died 50 years before Hitler rose to power ( See “Origin of the Aryan Myth”).

In 1939, the Huxley’s Swastika was written which was perpetuated later by Adolf Hitler, when he rose in power. He equated Nordic race and used the theory to justify his annihilation of Jews, despite earlier historical accounts which shows that the origin of the Aryan race looked very much different from the blue-eyed, blond-hair, the physical ideal of the German Nazi image (K. Pearson, “Aryan”).

K Kaplan stated how Aryan was redefined to mean a race consisting of the Nordic people as perfect can never be known or understood but the implications of the word Aryan include the irony that meaning of words could be distorted and serves as an example of how language can be twisted to mean something for which it was not intended.

Today, after history has condemned such atrocities, many would have believed that such a movement had disappeared along with its former perpetuators. However, neo-Nazism continues to persist and is being expressed in various forms of underground organizations, even to appear as religious, political, and even degenerated into “gang” groups.

These presently existing groups are not bound by geographical boundaries, though they call themselves as an “Aryan Nation”. However, this should not be erroneously be concluded tat these groups are not clamoring to secure a “homeland” for the Aryan race. This “Aryan Homeland” consists of the North American Continent. Targeted states to become their homeland are the states of Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Washington and Montana (See “Aryan Nations founder Richard Butler dies at age of 86”).

            In 1946, The Church of Jesus Christ Christian was formed in California by Dr. Wesley Swift. He was one of the foremost proponents of the Aryan Identity message during the past century.  His “ministry” was later given to Kingdom Identity Ministries.

The church’s cause was furthered by another of its minister Richard Butler. Butler formed the Aryan Nations as a political wing of the Church of Jesus Christ-Christian (See “About Us”). The organization owned a 20-acre compound in Hayden Lake, in the forests of Northern Idaho. This became a center of meeting for its followers. But a lawsuit was filed against them and Richard Butler lost their property and was forced to declare bankruptcy. The group later moved on in Lincoln, Alabama where they now have established their “World Headquarters”.


The present-day scenario and structure for white supremacist group/s is vastly different from that of Adolf Hiltler’s time. Hitler rose to political power, and later even to become a dictator. He was able to lead his nation (for a time being) towards achieving his goal of a “pure” Aryan race. He was in a dangerously powerful position to carry out his plans of preserving his own Aryan race and to spread it beyond its own borders, resulting to a senseless loss of millions of lives. Though the ideologies of Aryanism are very much alive today, it is moved to operate as an underground movement. It has taken various forms. Perhaps, one of those that encouraged and organized a people in today’s generation with racial supremacy issue was Wesley Swift.

He was one of the foremost proponents of the Aryan Identity message of the past century with white supremacist religious teachings. Tagged as the founder of The Church of Jesus Christ Christian in 1946 at California, he is revered by his followers. His works was passed on to his wife Mrs. Lorraine Swift, after his death. Kingdom Identity Ministries later on assumed his “ministries”. It was not until 1970 that one of its church leaders, Richard Butler, took the movement further to a new direction. Richard G. Butler was a notorious white supremacist and was once dubbed as the “elder statesman of American hate” (See “Aryan Nations Founder Richard Butler Dies at Age of 86”).

Through Butler’s efforts, Aryan Nations was founded in 1974, a paramilitary hate group. This was originally formed as the political wing of the Church of Jesus Christ-Christians. There are doubts hounding his death. Members and police official report said that he died peacefully at the age of 86 years old, although his health had been failing since he was 82.

An unconfirmed version has reported that the founder died when the group’s leaders were fighting among themselves. Before his death, Butler named Harold Ray “Butch” Redfeairm of Dayton and August “Chip” Kreis III as the group’s next leaders. Redfeairm formerly led an Aryan Nation church in Clinton County. Since the passing of Butler n 2004, the organization has been maintained and operated by a council of three (3) men. The Council with three members works as one with NO defined leader. (See About Us: the Legacy of CJCC/AN).

However, a study made by Jeremy Reynold in tracking the group’s probable connection with Al-Qaeda, has mentioned August Kreis as the Aryan Nations National Director posted on its’ own web site, www.aryan-nations.org (See “White Supremacist Group Offers Friendship & Support  To Terror Group).

Other white-supremacist groups are the Aryan Brotherhood which originated in California’s Sun Quentin Prison in 1960’s. It was organized like other gang groups in prison, and has now spread to other prisons throughout the United States. It is affiliated with the paramilitary hate group Aryan Nations.

Many of its members bear the identifying tattoo of a Swastika and the Nazi SS lightning bolt (See “Bigotry Behind Bars: Racist Group in U.S. Prisons”). This group is also known as The “Brand” which selects its members, requiring would-be applicants of committing acts violence before being admitted  as a member (See “Timeline: The Aryan Brotherhood). On the web site of the Aryan Nations, www.aryan-nations.org/wulfranhall/library.htm, a Wulfran Hall is listed as “High Counsel”.

Another group, the Confederate Knights of America (C.K.A) is also a white supremacist prison gang of a smaller scale in Texas penitentiaries. The Nazi low Riders (NLR), like Aryan Brotherhood originated inside California’s prison system but members continue to be active members even outside penitentiary walls.

This gang is controlled by “seniors” who had been active members for five (5) years, and will be approved by other senior. Aryan Brotherhood could have possibly aligned with NLR in 1970s or early 1980s when garrison authorities began cracking down its members. NLR remained a separated gang but promotes racist interests along with Aryan Brotherhood within the prison system.

The American Knights of the Klu Klux Klan (KKK) is being considered by Aryan Nations as the “granddaddy” of American white supremacy. Members date back its roots 130 years to Reconstruction following the Civil War. (See “Aryan Nation Seeks Revival. Arizona republic/Nov.2, 2001).

Other factions also came up such as the National Socialist Movement; The Order led by Bob Matthews, a terrorist group that murdered a Jewish talk show host; K I S S is also a white separatist group; and National Alliance among others. Alliance is made up of 1,500 members who “share a deep feeling of racial consciousness and a profound personal sense of responsibility”(K. Hirst, “Who Were the Aryans?).

Since white supremacist group/s is factious in nature, different names had surfaced as group leaders. These are George Lincoln Rockwell, referred to as “Commander Rockwell” who believed in extreme measures to counter the targeted hate-group. Charles John Juba also became National Director of the Church of Jesus Christ Christian/ Aryan Nation. “Colonel” Michael Teague became second-in-command. Jeff Berry of the American Knights of the Klu Klux Klan was violently attacked by his own 31 year old son.

Tom Metzger is the director of The Insurgent or White Aryan Resistance, who won the Democratic Primary in 1980, gathering 75,000 votes for U.S. Senate in 1982. He has 40 years of political/racial activity in his name (See “The Insurgent”).


Like any organizations advocating white supremacy, it sees no qualms and feels no guilt in using violence as a means of achieving its goal. Targeted hate-groups include Jews, Blacks and other non-whites, homosexuals. These racial groups are subjectively perceived by its members as the root cause of economic ills experienced individually or by the country. The Aryans sees extermination of their “enemy” as justified. The only solution that they see and offer is to eliminate them by use of brute force. Consequently, crimes of murders, robberies, cross-burning in residential homes, of hated groups and extends even to individuals or groups who sympathize, protect or support their victims.

As an example is Todd Vanbiber, who was an alleged bank robber who was arrested when attempting to build a pipe bomb. He is still connected with a major bombing plot. Carl Carlson and Rex Rabou, alleged group organizer in Colorado were arrested for selling a trove of pipe bombs to federal law enforcement. Such acts of violence committed in the name of God by its members, are being fanned by the group’s tactic of “hate-propaganda” especially in the unregulated internet. This is also being used to recruit and advertise its ideologies (E. Kallen, “Hate on the Net: A Question of Rights/ A Question of Power”).

Existing hate-sites in the internet are stormfront run by Don Black who was also a member of the Ku Klux Klan and it has become a portal to hate on the internet. America’s premiere neo-Nazi group, the National Alliance is linked to having inspired the Oklahoma City bombing.

The 11th Hour Remnant Messenger created by  Carl Story and Vincent Bertollini, Silicon Valley millionaires. This group posts messages despising blacks, homosexuals, abortionists, and a host of others, but reserves its true hatred for Jews. The Ku Klux Klan who is associated with the racist group in the South during the civil war is also revising its image of being a white supremacist to a white separatist.

They use religion as a vehicle to recruit and imbed in the minds of its hearers on their ideologies. It is easy to create hate in their hearts, as they hear their preachers and be moved to commit acts of violence to defend their cause.

Although white supremacist or separatist groups would appear factious in nature, they are bound by one objective and that is to secure a North American Civilization (the white race only) through disempowering, overthrowing or annihilating the Black and non-white, third world immigrants, the homosexuals, the Jews and the Jewish owned establishments, since they see them as a constant threat to the white race.


The Aryan Nation as an organization has the objective of preserving the purity of the Aryan race, which it believes to be the supreme of all race, and protecting the welfare of its members. Its acts of violence stems from a theory that they are the direct descendants of Adam, the first man to be created. All other race comes from the descendants of Cain, Adam’s first son who was driven from his family and God’s presence as a punishment of murdering his own brother Abel.

Aryans believe that they are descendants of Adam through Seth. All other races are the descendants of Cain. Their religion teaches that true Christianity is of Aryan and not of Jewish descent and thereby resent the Jewish claim. Annihilation of Jews is viewed as doing according to the will of God. Adolf Hitler once said, “I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord.” (See “Hail the New Dawn”).

Therefore, it sees other races as a threat, seeing intermarriages with them as a destruction of the race’s purity. Its religious beliefs and teachings have also incorporated Christian Roman Catholicism with astrology, Eastern religions and ancient pagan religious practices (J. Maxwell, “Religion”).

 Its anti-Semitic sentiments and racist ideology stems from such a belief and has created a fear that their race is being threatened to extinction by the less superior races. Economic advancement of these so called lesser races is perceived as another way of destroying the white race. The root cause of their ideology can be summed up on two things: (1) spiritual, moral and racial pride; and (2) fear of financial security by losing political and economic control in the government, and even in public and private institutions.

      It is not surprising therefore why objects of their hate are the Jews, Blacks and other non-whites. As part of their hate- propaganda, they teach that Jews only used the Holocaust to extract billions of dollars of monetary aid and materials and to demoralize the Aryan race. They claim that rich Jews are influencing the national policies for their own end, and are manipulating government policies and laws to redirect funds taken from the Aryans through government taxes.

Hate campaigns capitalizes on the supposed-to-be “injustice” done by the Jewish community against the whites (See “Who Rules America?”). Accusations include that many affluent Jews are influencing government officials with their money to create policies in their favor. The present government of the United States therefore, is seen as biased and pro-Jewish and as such, should not be supported.  They accuse Jews of adding biblical teaching of love, so Jews will be protected. They discourage the use of love or loving actions and emulate instead its opposite— hate.

      Another target group for hate are the homosexuals, who are also identified as highly impure , basing their view on the Bible’s written word in Leviticus 20:13 that those who practice homosexuality was ordered by God to be put to death. Their violent attacks and actions are then justified, since they interpret this as God’s approval for murdering homosexuals. Furthermore, homosexuals are being blamed for the rise of AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome).

      Since this pseudo-theological movement maintains that Anglo-Saxons, not Jews are the biblical “chosen people”, teachings has further degenerated that all other non-whites are “mud-people” which are classified along the levels of animals. Because Jews had “deceived” the people by claiming that they are God’s people instead of the Aryans, they conclude that Jews are really the “children of Satan” (See “Bigotry Behind Bars: Racist Groups in U.S. Prisons”)Non-whites which include  Blacks and Asians are seen as “scums” because their skin color, thru intermarriages would abolish the so-called distinct Aryan characteristics.

What they advocate to preserve is the purity of the white race. Modern Anthropologists on the other hand, reject the theory that there is a   superior race or even an Aryan race, and if they had ever lived, their characteristics would have been thoroughly mixed with those of others long before such race supremacist issues ever came to consciousness. But Blacks are also being blamed by the group for 90% AIDS infections through heterosexual means. Jew, Blacks and other racial minorities and homosexuals are being solely blamed and have become the scapegoats for all the problems besetting the nation.


When blacks were brought and bought in America to work as white-man’s slaves, the people of the  nation has segregated whites as supreme in race compared to blacks since they acted as their masters and landlords. Later, moral consciousnesses have given way to bring the almost barbaric treatment of slaves to be abolished. The North favors such changes while the landed Southern masters resisted such a move since they have become accustomed to a life of ease brought about by the slaves and unwilling to give them up because of financial setbacks such changes would bring.

War eventually broke out between the two, which has come to be known in history as the American Civil War. This was a bitter sectional clash that occurred when the southern states promulgated their secession from the Union and formed the Confederate States of America. There were many other issues of disagreements aside from slavery such as the scope of State’s rights, economic competition, Manifest Destiny, sectionalism, modernization and competing nationalisms. During this time, a secret society in South America had formed, the dreaded Ku Klux Klan. This racist ideology has planted the seed of white supremacist scene even today.

Jews, on the other hand had migrated to the United States to escape Hitler. The Holocaust drove thousands of Jews from their German homeland, known as the Diaspora when Jews were scattered in almost every corners of the world. America had played as one of the host to the Jews. They now have successfully integrated into the American society but have retained their distinct Jewish culture, and have continued to thrive in American economy. Many affluent Jewish families have been recognized of their success and contribution in various fields ranging from science, arts, banking, and commerce. Resentment towards Jews had always been present almost all throughout world’s history. This should not be seen therefore as a new movement.

What could have possibly brought such resentments to other race of color could be the influx of immigrants to the country. At one time, America has opened itself to immigrants to fill in a work force many whites have considered irrelevant. Immigrants from third world countries see America as a “Mecca” where dreams of a better life can come true. First generation immigrants had come to the country occupying the lowest job status such as apple pickers and household helps.

Americans may have welcomed cheap labor at first. What it failed to see was the coming of the second and third generation of these workers who had become educated in America’s school standard and had become accustomed to the culture. They have integrated to the country’s mainstream professional force. A number of professionals even from other third world countries continue to enter whether as immigrants or tourists turned illegal immigrants. White supremacists regard this as a threat to their personal economic stability, seeing them as competitors.

What is of primary concern therefore by its members today is more of financial security rather than ideology. But leaders continue to inculcate American Nazism of bringing what it calls as American National Socialism which was started by  George Lincoln Rockwell.

An America for white Americans only is the group’s idea of utopia of a healthy environment for their children’s welfare and without opposition from the government.


National Director of Aryan Nations, August Kreiss wrote in the Aryan’s web site (www.aryan- nations.org):

“We as an organization will also endeavor to aid all those who subvert, disrupt and are (sic) malignant in nature to our enemies. Therefore I offer my most sincere best-wishes to those who wage holy Jihad against the infrastructure of the decadent, weak and Judaic-influenced societal infrastructure of the West.

I send a message of thanks and well-wishes to the methods and works of groups on the Islamic front against the Jew such as Al-Qaeda and Sheik Osama Bin Laden, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah and to all Jihads worldwide who fight for the glory of the Khilafah and the downfall of the anti-life and anti-freedom System prevalent on this earth today.

Kreis continues by saying (sic), ” I ask our Islamic fellow fighters against Jewry to remember the co-operation between Mufti Hajj Mohammad Amin al-Husseini and Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler during the last century and to remember that all that is of the past it is our duty to surpass!” (J. Reynalds, “White Supremacist Group Offers Friendship & Support To Terror Groups”)

CNN’s Henry Schuster who has been covering terrorism and reports about the people and the organizations responsible for international and domestic terrorism, had also discovered this unlikely response in  the 9/11 attack by Al-Qaeda. In a letter posted on its web site and thru an interview, August Kreis praised the terrorist attack and has offered an unholy alliance with his white supremacist group and al Qaeda.

He has called them freedom fighters, not terrorists. One would think that his organization would spurn the Al Qaeda, since it views non-Aryan Christians as “mud people”. It would seem that Kreis is trying to move his organization into a new direction, or so he claims. He sees more affinity with the Islamic terrorist group because they share a common enemy: Jews and the American government.

Another possible reason for Nazi-Islamic alliance could be traced back to World War II, when Adolf Hitler played host to the Muslim city’s leader Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. Places like Egypt and Syria had been cities of refuge for some Nazis.

Ahmed Huber is a Swiss Islamic convert and has disclosed his admiration of Adolf Hitler, and Ayatollah Khomeini. Like Kreiss, Huber had also expressed his desire of forging a fresh alliance between the two groups. Huber should not be simply dismissed, since he served on the board of directors of a Swiss bank and holding company that President Bush accused of helping finance al Qaeda.

Authorities however have not yet found concrete evidence/s of linkage between the two terrorist groups. Mark Potok of the Southern Law Center sees no indication so far of such an alliance. He has expressed his anxiety though, if ever such collaboration would later exist.” The FBI as well has not yet seen links between the white supremacist and al Qaeda. While August Kreis is calling, authorities could not detect or perceive concrete proof of response by al Qaeda. Kreis continues to invite them, offering Aryan’s organizational structure of being made up of cells, providing “ready-made” human resources to further their cause. (H. Schuster, “An unholy alliance: Aryan Nation Leader Reaches Out to Al Qaeda”).

The California Based Management Solutions Group hosts the Aryan Nations Site. Managed Solutions also operates to do business, and the ISP’s hosting this site is in violation of its acceptable use agreement (www.managed.com/support.htm) which holds them against utilizing their services to threaten persons with bodily harm, to make harassing or abusive statements or messages, or to solicit the performance of acts or services that are illegal under applicable law.” Managed Solutions also hosts other hate sites which includes www.Aryanradio.com, www.kkkchat.com and the American Nazi Party found at www.nsm88.com/ ( J. Reynalds, “Supremacist Group Offers Friendship & Support To Terror Groups”)

In the domestic scene, traces of linkage with other criminal groups by white supremacist cell groups had been found as exemplified by NLR. It has not limited its activities with race-baiting. Members reportedly seek to dominate a portion of the prison drug trade and other criminal activities within the white penitentiary population. Aryan Brotherhood, which is allied to Aryan Nations, also allied itself with NLR.


A notable report dated July 7, 2006 has found an increasing number of extremists being allowed in the US Army. Reason for such, could be that the army is having problems getting new recruits. National Alliance has published in its magazine urging skinheads to join the Army. A Steven Barry was identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a former Special Forces officer who was also the Alliance’s “military coordinator” (See “U.S. Forces in Iraq Infiltrated by Aryan Nation”).

What the government may unwittingly be doing is creating a new group of Timothy McVeighs, a people who are learning war tactics while getting paid, for the coming race war. If they become successful in their career, such military personnel would eventually hold key military positions. In fact, the group is already boasting that the military is already training terrorists to overthrow the US Government.

The Right-wing extremists and hate-driven groups have also reversed the process. They are also recruiting military personnel who are in active duty. This provides several advantage:(a) this provides a boost as to the legitimacy of recruiting civilians; ( b) they provide the necessary training for its members in the use of weapons and tactics; (c) for acquiring weapons; (d) the military discipline and mindset can be exploited by the group to instill loyalty by its members. The infiltration of the military has negatively affected the morale and unity of the military personnel and units. Issues of racial, religious and political differences found in our society are now existing within our military service, as well ( S.M. Presley, “Rise of Domestic Terrorism and Its Relation to United States Armed Forces”).

Unlike the al Qaeda, who has gained more international notoriety, white supremacist group contains its efforts in gaining more control on the local scene.

It has voted a public official before, and there’s no stopping that the group would do it again or have already put them in place. There’s no stopping as well for some ambitious politicians from wooing these groups simply to secure votes.

The group claims that it has infiltrated even Congress which would pass laws that will protect or further their cause.



The Aryan Nations can now be labeled as a terrorist group. As it has continued to exist as an underground movement, it will continue to be in the near future. However, there are major setbacks in the government’s efforts today in tracking and cracking down its operations. The United States of America as a world leader is acting as a “big brother” to other nations oppressed either by its own leaders or by other nations. It has also taken upon its own hands to “liberate” these nations from their oppressors, sending financial aid and military service off our own shores. War is expensive, and costs the nation billions of dollars as well as the lives of its people Questions as to the wisdom and legitimacy of the government’s actions have split the nation apart. International support is also divided. Current development in its war against terrorist group particularly the al Qaeda is spreading to other nations.

War is not limited in one geographical boundary only and terrorist groups are sending America’s troops in different areas in the globe perhaps hoping to stretch it thin and lose strength. The nation’s leaders are much more focused on solving terrorism outside its borders. With this present situation, the Aryan Nations might take this to their advantage, and be able to spread more of its tentacles. Even if crimes are being committed in its own soil, their actions and threats could still be considered as acts of terrorism.

The word terrorism in the common opinion is somehow connected to Muslims in general or specific sect of Islam. Such an opinion is logically unfounded because “terrorists” often have more to do with political groups and could include gang activity (like the Aryan Brotherhood), than any specific sect of a major religion. There are also fewer known terrorists connected in some way to other major religions such as Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism, and so on. Terrorism committed by any group or even as an individual is no less dangerous.

Judging from their leader’s postings on its website, it would appear that the Aryan’s plans of infiltrating various sectors of the government such as the military and Congress, is slowly gaining ground. Unlike al Qaeda who moves in secrecy to make it more difficult for the US government and its allies to track down its operations and key leaders, white supremacist groups on the other hand are quite vocal in their whereabouts and identity. Names of its leaders are posted in their web sites. It even calls reporters for interview, perhaps to gain more media mileage and gain more public attention.

Criminal offenses by the group may be often classified by the government as minor acts of violence compared to Islamic terrorist groups. Although there is a form indicating that it is organized, its way of victimizing its targeted hate-groups are limited in pockets of violent acts which are more characteristics of drug-syndicates and gang operations. They are also responsible for bombings such as what has recently occurred in Oklahoma.

Authorities however, should not sit on complacency. It is clear that they have recognized such weaknesses and is now moving in the direction of correcting such loopholes by incorporating military tactics and personnel in their system. Only time can tell what effects such upgrading in its operational tactics will have on our nation.

Not only the country’s defender but the country’s lawmakers as well are being targeted for continued recruitment. It is not impossible for these lawmakers to influence and could succeed on passing laws that will bring harm or disadvantage to the Jewish community, Blacks and other non-whites. Racial discrimination could become policies that will restrict or block entirely jobs of good standard to non-whites.

There are great chances that the group will continue to exist. Progress may not be as fast as they would have wanted, perhaps because of a lack of a charismatic leader that could truly bring more unity to the group as Bin Laden is to al Qaeda. If the ideology had lived despite the defeat of Hitler and his Nazism, such failure has not discouraged avid followers.

There is a greater need for hastening to have a clear and distinct definition and of defining clear policies concerning terrorism without fear from mongering, racial profiling, and unjust law enforcement procedures. Lawyers, judges, police, politicians, law makers, NGO’s, and the general public all need to have a this basic definition in order to proceed with fair prosecutions and court trials under the rule of law. The United Nations has not accepted a clear definition as well, but A.P. Schmid, an expert on terrorism, wrote for the UN’s “academic consensus definition” which is widely used by social scientists as:

Terrorism is an anxiety-inspiring method of repeated violent action, employed by (semi-)clandestine individual, group or state actors, for idiosyncratic, criminal or political reasons, whereby- in contrast to assassination- the direct targets of violence are not the main targets. The immediate human victims of violence are generally chosen randomly (targets of opportunity) or selectively (representative or symbolic targets) from a target population, and serve as message generators.

Threat-and violence-based communication processes between terrorist (organization), (imperiled) victims, and main targets are used to manipulate the main target (audience(s)), turning it into a target of terror, a target of demands, or a target of attention, depending on whether intimidation, coercion, or propaganda is primarily sought,”  (See “Definition of terrorism”. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

It is unclear however what kind of government the Aryan Nations or white supremacist’s group will establish and who will preside as over-all leader if given the chance to succeed, considering that there are various leaders standing for each subgroups.

Possible linkage with Muslim terrorist could temporarily be held by a common enemy; the Jews and the American government, but could not possibly continue if given the chance of overthrowing their common enemy. Such a linkage would be weak in nature, spurred only by dissatisfaction and hatred.

What the government should do is to continue its vigilant watch on the group and should come up with stricter policies regulating the internet to protect the minds of its younger constituents which are easy prey for recruitment. Even coming up with internet policies, such proliferation in web sites of hate-groups would not be enough. A “police-watchdog” should also be formed to ensure that laws are not being violated in the net.

Technology is fast advancing. It is only a question of whose ends are being much more served by this medium.


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