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Supervisory Questions

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1. How does true “reengineering” differ from “reorganizing,” “downsizing,” and other concepts of organizational restructuring? Reengineering differs from reorganizing, downsizing and other concepts of organizational restructuring because reengineering includes much more than reorganizing, downsizing and other named concepts of organizational restructuring. Reengineering is defined as “the systematic redesign of a business’s core processes, starting with desired outcomes and establishing the most efficient possible processes to achieve the outcomes.”

2.What is the significance of a supervisor’s visibility and availability? According to the text, it is always going to be important for the supervisor to be visible and available to the employees of the work environment. The significance of a supervisor’s visibility and availability is that the employees need to be able to get to the supervisor in a reasonable amount of time when they have questions or concerns. They are also needed when there are problems, needs or needed job guidance.

3. What is meant by the claim that job security now resides in flexibility, adaptability, and performance? It means that in present days changing job environment the only thing that CAN give you job security are these traits: flexibility, adaptability, and performance. Due to the old paradigms of job security that have shifted. A manager must have these flexible and adaptable traits in order to be able to succeed in their job in the type of changing environment that we now live in.

4. What are the forces encouraging a supervisor to “face upward?” The forces encouraging a supervisor to “face upward” are to orient oneself in the direction from which recognition and rewards are perceived as coming, are numerous. They are recognized as aloof and unapproachable.

5. Define “paradigm”
A paradigm is in terms of how an individual handles incoming information, as a set of rules or beliefs or expectations. It can be both a clarifier and an obstacle.

6. How do you believe “empowerment” is differentiated from “delegation,” if at all? Empowerment and delegation are differentiated in the way that a supervisor must be empowering in relationships with employees by delegating properly to the fullest extent of his or her capabilities. Empowerment is no more than that old standby delegation.

7. Why has “marketing” become so prominent in health care today? Marketing has become so prominent in health care today because the health care system is more and more resembling a business. There are many functions to be performed and many complex and sophisticated skills involved. There has been so much growth and competition that health care is advertised and marketed like any other product.

8. In reengineering, what is the primary purpose of working backward from desired outcomes to establish new processes? The primary purpose of working backward from desired outcomes to establish new processes is true reengineering, beginning with a clear focus on the desired outcome and working backward to determine how best to achieve that outcome, consumes large amounts of time and energy.

9. What is the impact of employee mobility on supervisory style? The impact of employee mobility on supervisory style is as employees become more mobile and move about in larger areas, there is a need for the supervisor to pay more attention to people who are out of sight much of the time.

10. What primarily keeps the organization working toward its goals within Likert’s Job Organization System? The one thing that primarily keeps the organization working toward its goals within Likert’s Job organization system is that people show up for work. It also depends a lot on individual enthusiasm and motivation to keep the wheels turning.

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