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Healthy Eating Essays

Culture of Emotional Nutrition

The first study that I picked to research is called “Distal and Proximal Predictors of Snacking at Work: A Daily-Survey Study” it was published in the Journal of applied psychology on February 1st, 2017. The survey that was done conducted 247 employees over a period of 2 weeks. The purpose …

Obesity prevention

The overall purpose of this paper is to explore the Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander (NHPI) population and the health issue of obesity in their culture. There are a variety of factors as to why the NHPI community has a high occurrence of obesity and other health related problems that are associated …

Oral Hygiene

What does your oral health hygiene mean to you? Many attributes to healthy oral hygiene originate from childhood and education. Throughout proper childhood education, we were taught how to properly brush, maintain healthy eating habits, and attend follow up cleanings and exams. A lot has to do when the child …


To investigate the relationship among health literacy and Cardiovascular disease (CVD), Researchers, groups, and studies observed increased rates of childhood obesity as a top responsibility in today’s global world. Recognizing the current concern of overweight and obese juvenile children that may lead up to big health issues as in Cardiovascular …

Overconsumption of dairy 

When healthy eating is brought up milk and dairy are often considered one of the most important components, and for good reason considering all the essential vitamins and nutrients found in milk. Calcium is one of the most well known ones, but according to Dr. Noreen Iftikhar from the healthline …

Mobile Health

“Health” is an abbreviation of the term “Mobile Health”. Previous mHealth research has shown the trend of development and identified classification of mHealth app by its usage type, for example, Ali et al. (2016) reviewed 3277 articles on PubMed from 1993-2015, classified the purpose of mHealth intervention into five major …

Living Healthy

Many diseases that cause disability and death can be prevented or delayed. Practicing healthy living habits and having regular medical screenings can help you avoid these illnesses. This can help you live a long and healthy life. This program explains the steps that you can take to live a healthier and …

Statement of the Phenomenon of Interest

I appraise this article because of my mother. I do believe diabetes runs in families. My father’s family has no diabetes. My mother has one older sister and two younger brothers. Except her sister, my mother’s parents and her two brothers have type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). Her two brothers …

Get Closer to your Goal / Dream

I will strongly suggest him to take diet loss program based upon operant conditioning because Operant conditioning is based on the idea that we make a conscious connection between our behaviors and rewards and punishments. Operant conditioning is learning based on a system of rewards and punishments for different behaviors …

Healthy Habits

Introduction. Each and every individual has a body composition that is made up of a percentage of fat tissue and a percentage of lean tissue. Typically, not one person will have the same body composition as another. To find the proportions of our body composition, we use several methods of …

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