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OJT experience

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OJT experience essay

I started my OJT in St. Giles Hotel Makati last April 8, 2014. My first station is in the Kitchen Station. This is the station that I enjoy the most and I learn a lot in the kitchen station. The first thing they do is introduce me in the kitchen staff and chefs, like chef Bauy, chef Allan and the executive chef is chef Jude, and many more. The chefs have been my father’s in the hotel they teach me how my work in the kitchen be quick but still remaining the quality of the food to be served. In my first day also they teach me that bread, vegetables, and meats have their respective places they told me that they should segregate it to keep its freshness and quality. They also tour me in the egg station and fruit station. My first station is in the fruit station there my work is to unpeeled fruits and cut it bite size. There in the fruit station they teach me how to cut and peeled pineapple and how to serve fast and teach me tactics to do my work fast and with quality.

OJT learning experience essay

They also deploy me in the pastry section there they teach me how to cook French toast and baked cupcakes. I also encounter the Mens Philippines Volleyball Team, I saw Richard Gomez but don’t have a chance to have a picture because were not allowed to bring phones while on duty. My third station is in the egg station. They teach me how to make Spanish omelet and pouched egg. Egg station is the most difficult station where they deploy me because you were facing the guest while cooking their egg and I remember cooking sunny side up twice because I broke the first one. My next station is in the buffet area in the buffet area our work is to assure the food availability and refill the empty food and soup. I also prepare for the salads I cut onion cucumber and tomato for the salad station cutting onion makes me cry really.

I also make dumplings chef Eddu teach me how. Chef jude teach me how to make grilled chicken for the volleyball Iran team because of threir culture they can’t eat pork and beef. We also prepare buffet food for 50 person and cook grilled pork liempo, chicken salad, crab soup, eggpudding with brownies for dessert. We had a company orientation last april 25, 2014 then they introduce us to the general manager and tell us a brief history of St. Giles Hotel they have branches in London, Malaysia and Europe. They also teach us about the 6key in giving service or customer satisfaction, like:

1. Have the right attitude
2. Anticipate Guest Needs
3. Provide Recognition
4. Be Friendly
5. Show Flexibility
6. Be Courteous

Learning experience in ojt hotel

Then the next day we have our general tour in the hotel. They tour us in the pool area, gym, presidential room, bay leaf area, kalayaan1,2 &3, and also in the different types of rooms then in the lobby or front desk area. I also had my OJT in Housekeeping area. May2, 2014 is my first day in the Housekeeping area. They first introduce me in the Housekeeping manager and staff. And they let me observe first and I also learn how to change bed covers, pillowcase, and how to clean the room and toilet properly. The next day they let me apply the proper way of cleaning the rooms and toilet but they don’t allow me to change covers, they let me change covers the next day, changing cover is the most difficult part for me because it must be neat and presentable clean and no hair or dirt at all. I can’t forget this experience. I have this guest with his family he have 4 children when I have room service in that room it’s so dirty and disgusting, there’s still poop in the toilet and the chips is everywhere. I have a very hard time cleaning that room. I also have my duty in the public area. They first introduce me in the public area staff and observe in the first day.

The next day they assigned me in the laundry area and separate those linens and towels bed sheets and pillow case then after washing then we fold and segregate it again and return it in the shelves for the housekeeping personnel. We also clean the bay leaf and the hall way of the hotel and locker rooms and public toilets. In this ON THE JOB TRAINING I learn a lot and I can say that I am skilled to step up in a new level. I also have new friends and knowledge that I can apply in my own house and room because I don’t usually clean and cook and prepare things for others but I learn here how to give service, clean and make my guest satisfied in my performance. And I also learn how to be independent because in our house I always need help from others.

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