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Beer Essays

Is Beer Becoming More Concentrated?

At first glance, the UK brewing industry might appear to be highly competitive, with many pubs in close proximity to one another and with many brands of beer and lager offered for sale. However, in reality most pubs are owned by the major brewers. Tied houses, as they are called, …

Beer: Launching A Lebanese Brewing Company

Introduction 961 Beer has a fascinating history which illustrates to aspiring entrepreneurs that with hard work and determination, even crazy business ideas are able to succeed. At a time when building were being destroyed and the city of Beirut, Lebanon was in shambles, the founders of 961 Beer decided to …

Marketing mix of a beer company

It was in October 1992 when The Black Sheep Brewery beers first made an appearance in pubs in and around the Yorkshire Dales. The delivery of those first casks of beer over ten years ago began a new era for Paul Theakston, whose family has brewed in Masham for five …

New Belgium Brewery Tour

New Belgium Brewing Company was founded on a pledge of environmental stewardship when Jeff Lebesch and Kim Jordan put their dreams of brewing beloved beer into forward motion and now, the company is iconic within the US beer brewing industry for its commitment to sustainability practices, supporting the local community …

Introduction to spectrophotometry lab

The spectrophotometer is an essential tool for biologists and chemists in analyzing chemical and biological samples. Gaining familiarity with its operating protocols and understanding what its outputs mean are very important in the development of lab technique for students of cell biology. This experiment will help laboratory students gain experience …

Guinness Brewery: Strategic Brand Management

Guinness Brewery: Strategic Brand Management Brand is, according to Davidson (1995), “a collection of attributes which strongly influence purchase”. The aim of this writing is to evaluate the brand Guinness and determinate attributes of it which give the desire to purchase for customers. Brand and customer equity, then the Customer …

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