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Organic Food Essays

Benefits of Organic Farming

Over the past fifty years, the way we eat has changed compared to the previous 10,000 years. The figure that is used to advertise the food, remains to be the figure of Agrarian America. No seasons in the supermarkets means that there are food like tomatoes that are all year …

Mistrust and Empty Calories

People on the top of the food industry have more control over what we eat and what we buy than we think. Eating is the basis of our lives. I normally don’t consider what the beef I’m eating suffered before I eat it, or what the creator of my potato …

Bacteria Are Everywhere as Bad as Good

Bacteria is everywhere, but it’s so small that the human eye can’t see it. Bacteria are anywhere from your phone to your intestine. Bacteria can even be found or used in certain foods “People have long used bacteria to convert milk to cheeses and yogurt”( Urry Lisa A. p.492). Since …

High Fructose Corn Syrup: A Dangerous Chemical in Food

One of the most dangerous chemicals in food can be found in almost every American’s pantry. High fructose corn syrup is located on the list of ingredients for almost every packaged food and in almost every fast food item. It is being used to replace the effect of natural sugars, …

Cooked Meat Might Be Responsible for the Evolution of Homosapiens

I looked into if it is ethical in terms of our environment to eat meat. In order to understand the situation, you have to understand its background. We started eating large quantities of meat during the industrialization of the United States in the early 1900s when companies began applying the …

What’s in the Meat We Eat? 

That is a question that a lot of people ask themselves when they think of going to a fast food restaurant or purchasing meat from the supermarket. In my research I have uncovered some surprising facts about what goes into the meat that is used in fast food and the …

Fast Food in the United States

Fast food is so bad for your body but it’s also so delicious to some people. People become obese, people have heart problems from this horrible food. Kids love asking to go get it, when parents do not wanna cook they go grab some it’s just what humans do. People …

Arsenic and Its Compounds  

Arsenic (As) is a metalloid (semi-metal) present as a trace element throughout the environment. It is situated in group 15 or so-called Nitrogen group in the periodic table. It is supposed to be extremely toxic, mutagenic, and carcinogenic and because of these characteristics, it represents one of the most important …

Corporate Power in Agribusiness: Latin America

Throughout history, the practice of agriculture has gradually developed from small, self-sustained plots of land to a largely structured and hierarchical business market that has been strongly influenced by technology. With this capitalization and industrialization of agriculture, there have been significant changes not only to the strategies and processes of …

Natural Ingredients in Yogurts From Natureview Farm

Natureview Farm is a corporation that markets and manufacture yogurt that is refrigerated in a cup. The company was established in 1989 and, since it’s development, has frequently struggled at being profitable. The company’s yogurt is created using a family recipe and focuses on the taste and texture of the …

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