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Fast Food in the United States

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Fast food is so bad for your body but it’s also so delicious to some people. People become obese, people have heart problems from this horrible food. Kids love asking to go get it, when parents do not wanna cook they go grab some it’s just what humans do. People try to stay away from it and some can but it reels you in.

So let me start with the good characteristics of fast food. First of all it’s definitely delicious and you don’t have to waste your time cooking a home meal. Because of it a lot of people think, that it is a perfect way to give up cooking, but we can’t forget how bad this fast food is for us either. If people stop making healthy good cooked meals and just start going out to eat every night a lot of people are gonna have health problems. It’s not healthy at all people get diabetes people become overweight from eating this food all the time. (FastFood.org)

Fast Food is hot food, such as hamburgers and French fries, that you obtain from particular types of restaurants, and which is served quickly after you order it. Fast Food is meant to be ordered and you should get it in less than five minutes. You go thru the drive thru you order what you want you go to a window and pay and they hand you your food and drink. People either crave this food really bad or just doesn’t want to wait to eat and picks up fast food real fast. It’s meant to be quick but it’s bad for you. (FoodFacts.com)

McDonald’s is the biggest franchise of fast food restaurants. Everybody around this world if you ask them they know what that place is. Mcdonald’s operates in over 121 countries and has over 30,000 restaurants worldwide. The burger brand was started with two brothers known as Dick and Mac Mcdonald. Their first business was built in San Bernardino, California. Mcdonald’s doesn’t do low prices they are not very high but they. Mcdonald’s get so much business the prices could go up and it wouldn’t matter people would still come. (McdonaldsFacts.org)

The success of McDonald’s brought increased criticism , much of which concerned its perceived association with a global increase in obesity. McDonald’s responded by adding healthy items to its menu, and in 2017 it began testing a vegan hamburger. During this time it also eliminated supersized portions, and its U.S. and Canadian restaurants stopped using trans-fat oil in a number of items. Such measures, however, did little to stem health concerns. In addition, as one of the world’s largest private employers, McDonald’s faced numerous calls to increase wages. (McdonaldsFacts.com)

Now let’s talk about the king Burger King. Burger King is known for the whopper it’s a huge burger everybody loves. The whopper is two meat patties with whatever you want on it with a seed bun and a side of fries or onion rings a large refreshing drink. Burger King is an American global chain of hamburger fast food restaurants. After Insta- Burger King ran into financial difficulties in 1954, its two Miami-based franchisees David Edgerton and James McLamore purchased the company and renamed it “Burger King’. (BurgerKingFastFacts.org)

Wood pulp — called cellulose in the list of fast food ingredients, is found in such products as McDonald’s Filet O Fish and Oreo McFlurry, Taco Bell’s Nacho Chips, Wendy’s Frosty and KFC’s Popcorn Chicken, used primarily to thicken and stabilize foods as a cheaper alternative to flour and oil. Here are the most toxic ingredients in fast food. Palm Oil, Shortening, White Flour, Rice, Pasta, Bread, High Fructose Corn Syrup and that’s not even all of them. All of this horrible stuff has most likely been inside everybody’s body in this world and we had no idea they are that bad for us. (FastFactsAboutFastFood.com)

Most fast food restaurants started and made food just like this… A very large grill where one person could cook lots of burgers simultaneously. A dressing station where people added the same condiments to every burger. A fryer where one person made french fries. A soda fountain and milkshake machine for desserts and beverages. And a counter where customers placed and received their orders. When you visit a fast food restaurant you go inside, you almost always place your order and collect your food at a counter. You drive through, you place your order at a speaker or a window, and someone hands it to you through a window. The food arrives individually wrapped and in a bag or on a tray. You can eat most of the food without using a knife or fork. The food is relatively inexpensive. Individual restaurants in the same chain physically resemble or are identical to one another. When you visit different restaurants from the same chain, the menu and food are pretty much the same. (FoodFacts.org)

I love fast food, I go to Mcdonald’s not everyday after school but most of the time. I know it’s not very good to eat but it’s so good and you just crave it sometimes. I try to eat fast food a lot because I want to gain a little bit of weight for sports but it doesn’t happen. So don’t think if you eat at Mcdonald’s a couple of times you are gonna get fat. A lot of the food there are mixed meats. It might be fake but they get so much business would you blame whoevers getting all that money to stop?!

I have probably ate at most of the fast foods around here. I love Taco Bell, Burger King, McDonald’s,etc… And also note that every fast food restaurant is not bad. Like Subway that is a very healthy place to eat and it is a fast food restaurant. Everybody has a different feeling about fast food restaurants more likely just any food at all. Fast food can be really bad for you then it can also just be a food that you eat and enjoy and nothing happens to you.

I’ve seen wo documentaries about McDonald’s. One this guy ate McDonald’s every day, every meal for like 6 months. At first he was fine he just got really tired of the food. After a couple of weeks it really started hitting him. He started having heart problems and had to go to the doctor couple times a week. He gained weight he was throwing up a lot it just wasn’t good for him at all. But also he did not work out or exercise at all during this experiment. So what if he would’ve worked out while doing this he might have stayed healthy and not have hurt him as much.

This other documentary was this man ate two to four Big Macs a day. He started doing this in his twenties. Nothing happened to him he just got old he didn’t get overweight . The food made him happy he lived on and nothing bad happened to him. He said he tried a Whopper one time and he did not like it at all. Fast food restaurants, the food are so different, they taste different it’s what you like and feel comfortable with.

Chick fil a in the past couple of years has made tons of money. This is the highest per-store figure of the top 50 chains this year, it represents a comedown for Chick-fil-A. Its average per-store grosses were $3.18 million in 2012, an achievement that put the chain in a class by itself. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts: 2.57 million dollars. When your stores are cavernous entertainment palaces where throngs bring their children to watch the crullers go through that gooey curtain of icing, you’d better have high sales to pay that rent. Large footprints rarely pay off in this sector, but for Krispy Kreme, that big-store gamble is worth it.McDonald’s coming in with 2.5 million dollars. While competitors such as Burger King and Wendy’s have struggled mightily to stay relevant to consumers in recent years, the Golden Arches keeps right on innovating and bringing customers back. (FastFoodRestaurant.org)

Whataburger: 2.1 million dollars. This old-school better-burger entrant out of San Antonio, Texas, just cracked $2 million in revenue for the first time this year — they were a hair under that figure in 2012, and around $1.5 million in 2011. Founded in 1950, Whataburger has been able to ride older consumers’ growing interest in burger quality to greater success recently. Fast food restaurants try to trick you too. Fast food restaurants are notorious for handing out coupons that make their low prices even more affordable. They can afford to discount their prices because they know the low prices will make people flock to their doors. A lot of places will also offer a free menu item from time to time. Once they get you inside to claim that free sandwich or side of fries, you’re tempted to buy more food and the cycle begins all over again. Fast food restaurants cut down on overhead by offering limited menu items. This helps keep their costs low and leads to higher profit margins, since the foods they offer are typically cheap to make. (FastFoodMoney.com)

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