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Shang China Setting: 1. China 2. Yangtze River 3. The seasonal monsoon winds that blow north from the Indian Ocean over Asia produce vast amounts of rainfall in the Himalayan Mountains and the Tibetan Plateau. Some of this water, along with rich sediments, flows across the Chinese Plain creating fertile farmland. The fertile areas of Eastern China are surrounded by deserts, vast steppes, high mountains and impassible jungles. 4. Tall hills helped keep out invaders. Fertile soil in rivers helped grow crops like rice. Clean rivers had many fish to eat. 5. Tall hills kept many people out.

Politics: 1. They had a king. 2. The Shang Dynasty 3. It was passed down the family. 4. Chinese Empire 5. The king was both a political leader as well as a religious leader. 6. The Shang developed a very sophisticated form of writing. Religion: 1. Shang Ti- head god, rules over all other gods. The worship of ancestors was very important. They made sacrifices to the gods and ancestors. 2. It was very important and they made religion a first priority. Tolerant 4. The king was a religious leader as well as the political leader.

Innovations: 1. The Shang were excellent bronze workers, very primitive in agriculture, had a written language, the art of bronze-work, two-horsed chariots, and created the first decimal system. 2. Silk and the decimal system. 3. The decimal system and silk.

Technology: 1. Chariots. 2. Silk, decimal system, chariots, bronze, etc. 3. We all use the decimal system today in life and they’re have been many uses for ilk and of course everyone uses a calendar. 4. It made everything easier for their every day problems.

Economy: 1. The Yellow River Valley, Agriculture, and the Knowledge of Silk. 2. The serfs and slaves preformed all economic functions of society. The maln income came from farming or the harvest of crops. Many farmers also knew how to cultivate the silkworm and weave Its tread into beautiful cloth which would be used for clothing, silk later became Chinas maln export. The artisans formed another group of the conomic structure. Many artisans manufactured weapons, ritual vessels, Jewelry, and other items of interest.

Society: powerful. Most of the peasants had very little and barely made it through the taxes that the king enforced. 2. The King along with the aristocrats and bureaucrats directed the life and work of the peasants and serfs. 3. The higher class. 4. Agriculture. 5. Agriculture. One accomplishment would be the invention of the decimal system because we as humans use this almost everyday of our lives.

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