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Simple Living

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What is a simple life? In this essay, it is all about living your life in a simple way. Something that are a simple living; don’t buy expensive things, that we don’t need. Or rather buy the cheapest thing but not to buy unnecessary things. Then there is this, that we think too much about what benefits us, but then we do not care about our beautiful nature and the environment is affected by it. This essay tells us about what the three different people thinks about “a simple living” and their point of views about an interesting lifestyle.

The first text is all about to get rid of all extra stuff, because we don’t need extra things, that we really don’t use or doesn’t benefits us. Elizabeth says in the article that families should eat together, and they should find more time together, like in the old days. She also relates to “the old days”, she also says in the text that “we are distracted by all this other stuff” and we should understand “who we really are”. The text end with she says that simplified life is a result may bring less stress, and more meaning in life.

Getting rid of unnecessary things, save money and live a simple live, this is her main meaning in the text. The second text is an interview in the American feminist magazine with Levine and her boyfriend. She talks about how she lived a year without buying anything unnecessary. She talks about she changed her life to a simpler lifestyle. She has also written a book about how she started to think about buying necessary things and unnecessary things, and the book is based on how she changed her life to a “simple lifestyle”.

The third text is written by Derrick Jensen, and he talks about that taking a shorter shower doesn’t change anything to help the world, because he says that we shouldn’t focus on the single person, but to take a look/focus on industries. The interview in text 2 are almost like a live interview but written in a paper, because the journalist tries to write the interview like a “normal live” interview, when we for example hear in the radio or in the television. As we can se here “And lo and behold, people start looking inward, and there’s nothing there (laughs).

The journalist makes it clear to us that Levine laughs in the interview. The journalist wrote the text down, and didn’t circumscribed what she said in the interview, and that makes the reader feel that they are in a live interview with Levine. And in the interview we can for example look at this sentence; “well my partner and I and when I just felt and fed up with the whole Christmas shopping project”. – This is only an example of the text to show that the journalist has written the text down directly.

Levine is very serious about what she is talking about, but using a little bit of humor gives a better atmosphere in the interview, as we can see here You can buy biofuel made from plant cellulose rather than just biodiesel. You can buy a $10,000 bamboo bicycle frame”. And this sentence isn’t just used to make it funny, but it also gives a good message, about what she thought about the environment, and makes the reader think about the environment. She also means that we can save money to not spend money on unnecessary things. In some points Derrick Jensen says some things that I do not agree with him.

But I also do agree with him that the world is running out of water, because of global warming, and in some situations I think that he means that we can’t do anything about it. As I said I do agree with him that the whole world should do something about it, and taking short showers doesn’t make a big change. Now I do not agree with him, when he says that the water is being stolen, because I mean that we human-beings are the reason why global warming became such a big problem. I do agree with him that the industries are using much more water than expected (90 percent), and at this point I think we should do something about it.

We can make the industries eco-friendlier, if USA does something about it, then Denmark and many other countries would take a look at it. As we know many countries are following USA because they are almost leading other countries, and it is also known for “Americanization”. Conclusion: Some people can’t change the way they live, and some people can. If we want an eco-friendlier environment, then not only few people, but the global world should do something about it, so we can live longer in the long term.

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