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Should Women Take the Front Line in Combat

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The women, being not unequal in any respect with man either in enthusiastic capacity or brainpower, should certainly take the front line in combat to serve the nation. The ability of the women with which she is born should be given the priority in taking the decision to allow her in this service without paying any head to the gender issue as due to proper training that ability will turn into a ready to combat valor in the field. But due to gender inequality issue, in sprite of their total devotion in the field the women are not given equal opportunity to show their valor.

They are not given equal promotional scope for equal work in the service. When their enthusiasm and inspiration is not less that that of man, instead they become more deadly and cruel in comparison to man at the time of requirement in the battlefield and also the biological structure of brain shows that they are more capable of getting more anger and energies when the crucial time comes then why is this biased behavior with the women?

Their temper is much more higher than that of a man. They can fight with much greater technique and motivating force due to their hormonal composition in their body. Most important judgment to allow women to take the front line combat will be the fact that they are human beings and they have also a dream to do something in their life. Most of the women may have the dream to go to the front line in combat due to either their own interest or due the historical background of their family.

Their forefathers may have in the profession of front line combat and they would have heard the story of their personal experience in front line combat, then they may have grown to do something similar to them or even more better that them by going in the same profession due to their birth grown nature of a man like behaviors. If we stop such a woman going to the front line combat, this will not only be a immoral to construct a barrier to the wish of a woman but also a crime by not allowing a willing person to serve the nation.

A report shows that more that twenty-two thousand women serving in the military of Afghanistan and Iraq with merit of their position have no any fear to go in the front line combat in spite of being expose to not only injury but also even death. So, if these woman have gut and courage to go in the front line combat, then why not the women of the other countries?

Not only the women of Afghanistan and Iraq, American-troops have also lost thirty-nine women from 1650 soldiers in the battle in Iraq. More that 280 women get injured in the fight. Among this 250 women have been medalled with Purple Hearts. This report shows that the women are capable of facing the front line combat efficiently without any gender inequality concern, then why they will not be given free and fair chances to do this?

Nowadays women are serving as police officers in internal cities in America, India, Canada and many more countries with equal efficiencies with male counterpart at all the ranks and positions at every kind of place. They are facing the criminals, they are fighting with the internal terrorists who have invaded to disrupt the general movement of the cities, then they are, certainly, able to defend their country in the front line combat, so should they not be allowed for this?

Today women have taken the responsibilities, accepted the challenges with valor, and faced the hazardous and dangerous situation of war with their full courage and capacities with brilliant and remarkable results to show that they are not in any respect less than the male soldiers. They have set their mind to go in the battlefield right from their educational life and prepared themselves for the tough examination to enter in the service.

And after getting the service they have taken the training of climbing the mountain, riding the horses, running through miles, roping through the rivers and passes in the mountain, lifting the trees parts, as the adventure in their life not only to enjoy the period but also to make themselves able to go in the front line combat. If the situation is seen from the military point of view and not from the political and social point of view, then also the women should be allowed for the front line combat as the efficient persons cannot be denied the entries only due to the gender inequality.

Therefore the women have every reason, starting from the matter of enthusiasm, to the matter of power of brain capacity, to the matter of ability to compete with the male, to the matter of using the up-to-date technological weapons, to the matter of going in the dangerous training with hazardous situation, to the matter of showing their fighting skills and the matter of setting their mind for the combat in the time of need, to be allowed for the front line combat.

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