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Should Students Have To Wear Uniform

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For many years we have been going back and forth, about the subject: Should Students Have to Wear Uniform, a lot of us believe that they should wear uniform, while others think students shouldn’t have to wear uniform, and should have the freedom to dress as they feel. Students are more distracted when they wear street clothes, there is enough evidence to change the policy, the board of education, students, and parents, should see if we can resolve this problem. I think, it would help students to get better grades if they didn’t have to worry about what the other students is wearing the next day, students would do anything to fit in and be liked by their peers. And I and going to make my point, students should wear uniform. But there are other views of people that think different and think it might take away from their individuality.

I have interview some parents that most of them think that uniforms are better, than street clothes, a lot of their children feels out of place if the go to school wearing street clothes, I have taken it upon myself to stand outside of this grocery store to see how many parents had their children wearing uniforms and get their thoughts on about students wearing uniform, one parent said that his daughter feels out of place, if they try to make her wear street clothes sometimes. Lots children said that they prefer wearing the uniform instead of the street cloths. I personally have not found anyone with a reliable cause as to why students should not wear uniform.

We as leaders, (parents, teachers, and the board of education) should already know what have been going on with most of our students, as far back as we can, or care to remember, we have seen drastic changes among students and stood there and let these situation go on, and now it has gone from bad to worse, the fact is we are putting on blinders and expecting it to go away and parents is paying less attention to the children and not monitoring how they are dress before the leave their homes. If we had spend a little more time observing these student or children, and setting rules for them to follow it might not reach to where we are today. This is a policy that is needed in every state. If you and if you look at the statics charts that I have below you will see and be able to judge for yourself if students wearing uniform will be of help to us.

 My first problem why I think students should have to wear uniform is the bullying some students have to put up with bullying, the children that can afford to wear nice clothes like the Jordan’s and expensive clothes , when they are in school they get bullied, parents you are serving your children up on a plate, some of the students who are less fortunate meet them in empty hall ways, behind schools and pick on them, take away their money and even their clothes, these parents that think they are doing their children any good, is not, these students are scared to come to school and they are the first to commit suicide, because they can’t even talk to their parents, and sometimes it is the other way around, students that can afford to by expensive stuff gets pick on because they might wear something from a thrift store. Allentown high school teacher Burke said that wearing school uniform will cut down on violence.

My second problem why students should have to wear uniform is to prevent gangs from over taking schools, it was shown in data that the crime rate has drop in states that has the policy that student should have to wear uniform if they had to wear a uniform the students would not be able to sport their gangs’ colors all through the schools, wearing uniform will save us a lot heart ache, some gangs are also responsible for selling drug making it available on the school premises, although there might be not enough data about the gang actives they exist, and students not wearing uniform is allowed and have, easy access for student to be taken advantage of and these students are trying to learn it does not matter if you have don’t have clothes and money, there is some form of bullying of bullying going on. Some students are wearing these huge jackets and using it to conceal weapons that are brought from their homes or from the street, to show off to their friends or intimated other students.

My third problem, why students should have to wear uniform, it will help parents who are less fortunate to be able to send their children to school without having them be picked on. These parents will be able to know that their children are in school to learn and they would not be talked about or made fun of, because their parents are in a difficult position. Parents should not be force to live a life style that they can’t afford to make their children safe, and have to buy clothes for their children in order, that they are not picked and they would be able, to fit in with their peers, some parents have to shop at thrift stores, and that, could be very stressful especially in this high economy, if students wear uniform it would be a lot cheaper for their parent, without the uniforms parents are looking at having to buy clothes and shoes for their children about every two weeks because the students or children want to be accept, by their friends, and some of them would even steal and sell drugs just to be able to afford the material things to fit in with their peers. Students behave better and fight less when they are dress alike it does not matter what type of homes they come from it’s like night and day Saunders said.

Uniforms can be a social equalizer.

The first disadvantage of students wearing uniforms, is that some teachers/parents think that it deprive students of their individuality, too express then self and student wil feel like they have no independence and their rights are being violated they will think I don’ think there is much disadvantages in ssudents wearing uniform, reashearch has show some but few compared to the advantages og students wearing uniform, and I would think, that parets should not be intimated by this because parents are their to what is best for their childrend, to explains this as best as I can, do solidier where uniform, does it take away individually, to express themselves do soildiershave no indepedenc and feel like their right are being violated no it make them feel like they are part of a team part of something when they win or loose, so how can some one come up with a disadvantage like that.

All I am trying to say is that, we have a big problem on our hand, and we as parents , teacher, and the board of education, need to get serious and address this issue, should students have to wear uniform, we have to think about what is right for our students /children, they would have a lot more time, to stay focus on their education, instead of what the other student is wearing and who is wearing the most expensive clothes, there is enough problems as it is to keep students interest in their education as it , it will also help a lot of parent with finances, I am sure the bullying, gangs, a will be less.

We can put our heads together and come up with a uniform that everyone could be proud of, I know a lot of students don’t want to look identical to the other students but we can work around that, we maybe can try to get the students, parents and teachers to answer survey, this way the students don’t think that don’t have a say and we can use one design and a choice of a few colors I think that this should be something that we correct state to state I hope that everyone take the time and read over proposal at least give it a two year evaluation. There is a Washoe County School that uniform works striving for excellence


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