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Shipwreck story

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The yellow vomit episode wasn’t over yet. The wild and the unpredicted ocean left no mercy on me. Me being one of the most experienced sailors felt seasick like never before. A few years back, a ship lead by me, carrying over a 100 passengers rammed into an ice block. One piece of ice block stole away my peace and happiness. That was probably my most horrid and memorable night. Regrettably the rescue boats rescued everyone and then… I missed a breath! How could they go without me? It’s my ship!

I was unable to sleep that night, as the thought of staying alone, starving and dyeing couldn’t let me rest. For a moment I thought of committing suicide but that would have been a very weak act and anyways I always believed in facing problems without any fear. Eating was not a major issue for few days as the stock in the ship was enough but with time I had to resort to fishing, which was really challenging as the waves were to harsh. In addition to this, getting a goodnight sleep was another challenge I had to face.

Unfortunately, all the furniture and beds were broken thus I had to sleep on a torn mattress, which I luckily found. On the other hand waves were another stumbling block: never in my life I thought I would be scared of waves but I don’t know why those waves I heard at night caused a sense of loneliness and fear. I wished at least someone survived amongst the crew. Once when I was completely frustrated I devised a plan to escape from here no matter anything thing happens to me as I had realized that it is now I had to take a step further and try my luck!

My plan was to dismantle the ship and probably build a small compact motorboat out of it. I tried my best till I had life cause I had definitely decided that I had to do it! After those days of day and night hard work my motorboat was finally ready! But it was useless as the most important part needed for the boat to sale was destroyed when my ship hit the ice block. God knows why all this is happening to me! I felt that I was the unluckiest person on earth. Every morning I wished someone would come to help me but no one ever showed up.

For my past time I had scratched a smiley face in the wall whom I communicated with, though it is really childish I had no other source of entertainment! I was sick and tired of my useless life. The ocean looked as though its hell. The inhuman waves vigorously moved towards my ship and the bitter winds progressed through me. Moreover the ship also turned the tables to me as all the engines were not operating and half of the ship was under water. Today I realized what a ship wreck really is and how it feels being locked in.

Memories and memories were the only things my mind could think of, for a moment I felt I should had obeyed my parents and carried on my fathers business, at least I wouldn’t have seen such a day! How I remembered those days when my father caught my hand took me to drink my favourite juice and how my mom recited stories to me when I couldn’t get sleep. But in spite of everything they did for me I always let them down, I could never do anything in life what the wished me to.

After so many years I actually felt the need for my parents, I wish I could meet them now and become the best child ever but its all over now, I feel so miserable! I wasn’t only locked in physically but also locked in mentally. My mind was out of focus and I just couldn’t control my emotions. Next morning when I woke up it was pouring and I kind of started feeling seasick due to which I felt very uneasy. The uneasiness later changed into vomiting. And the moment I looked up the sight that I saw scared me out of my wits… A giant shark loomed large…

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