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Self-Control: Using Guns for Protection

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It Is self-evident that over the centurys mankind has fought for survival as a method of staying alive or simply to protect what rightfully belongs to them. In the past weapons aided brave men in war and they would conquer many nations doing so. As continents developed and societies were established, a power was needed to keep an order between one another. Soldiers and officers were put in place to keep a balance of all the evildoers among us but primarily to keep us protected. Protection was the goal but over time it prevailed as much as it failed.

Over the pasts several decades America has witness so much innocent blood over disputes, robberies, and drive-bys and massacres, basically any crime that Involves a revolver It is 2013 and we live In fear. Some citizens buy their arms under legal terms and use them in a safe fashion even as a means for hunting, self-defense, or sport shooting. However there are those gun carriers who are careless and treacherous and have been granted easy access to them. It is because of this that America must strengthen gun requisites to prevent firearms from landing In the wrong hands.

The supreme law of the land was ritten nearly 226 years ago. The U. S. Constitution grants us the greatest set of rules, the amendments. The second amendment Is one of the most controversial of the twenty-seven. The amendment is as follows: “A well-regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”, which In short translates that people should be allowed to bear arms and that it should be respected. The nation’s greatest conflict is the conduct of citizen’s self-control when it comes to fire-arms.

Some social quarrels are esolved through violence. When the right to bear arms and wrangles are put together chaos occurs. “The controversy centered around the need to curb crime, on one hand, and the second amendment right to bear arms, on the public order. Antigun-control proponents argued that law-abiding citizens have the constitutional right to protect themselves and their property with firearms” (Gun Control). On April 16th 2007, a young man by the name of Seung-Hui Cho invaded the Campus University of Virginia of Technology.

He was a student there he seem calm, but in his ast few weeks things began to bother him mentally, he was angry and troubled inside. He gathered guns from wherever he could find them and plotted his attack. Cho killed over 30 students and later turned the gun on himself. Sources claim “Cho then headed to Virginia Tech’s engineering building, Norris Hall, where he shot and killed 30 people before taking his own life. Cho fired more than 170 rounds, a shot every three seconds, Inside the building where he had once attended class”.

After the incident it was said that the student was suffering from epression, Friedman quoted Cho’s grandfather who said Cho was “never hugged”. In January of 2011 Senator Gabrielle Gffords was at her hometown in Tuscan Arizona conducting a constituents meeting, “Congress on your corner”. Jared Lee Loughner approached senator Gifford’s and shot her In the head and continued firing at other people in the area. “Witnesses say a gunman ran up and fired off 15 to 20 shots. They say the young man shot the congresswoman in the head, before trying to run off. ” (Colombant).

He Injured many and killed two people, a nine year old girl and a ‘ as Jared and why did he target the event? At court people spoke, “Ms. Simon, who taught at the middle school Mr. Loughner had attended, said she remembered him as “a kid who loved music. ” On Thursday, she told him, miou remind us that too often we either do not notice the signs of mental illness, or we Just choose to look away. “(Santos) Jared seemed to have suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and had changed from the way he used to be. July 20, 2012, a Friday midnight premiere of The Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises.

Spectators of Aurora Colorado waited patiently n line that night to enjoy a special screening but what they did not know was that they were going to receive far worse than they had bargained for (Gerber). Jennifer Brown of the Denver post reports, “A gunman slipped into a midnight premiere of the new Batman movie through an emergency exit early Friday, tossed two hissing gas canisters and then methodically, calmly walked up the aisle firing, killing 12 people and wounding 58. ” James Holmes a 25-year-old former neuroscience student claimed that he was portraying the movie villain The Joker that night.

This clearly proves that he young man isn’t healthy in his mindset. (Esposito) The most recent of tragedies has occurred in Newtown, Connecticut. Adam Lanza of 20 years old shot and killed 26 people, including 20 children, inside Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14. He began his shooting spree by killing his mother, Nancy Lanza, and ended it by killing himself inside the school. Adam Lanza committed harm to others, loved ones, and himself this proves he was mentally disoriented.

In a news report IVe heard that Lanza’s mother was the owner of the rifles that he had attacked ith and that he was brought to shooting ranges with her, where he learned how to shoot. Lanza was upset over the poor dedication his mother gave him and took it out on the innocent children in the near school. Growing up he was diagnosed with a delicate mental condition and his parents had divorced. What did Adam was not an excuse to take it out on innocent victims. I strongly believe that each and every one of these massacres could have been prevented if gun laws had been re-enforced.

I hope that in the future the right to bear fire arms requires a psychological screening and background checks. These background checks could be done by someone such a possible case worker. The case worker will do random checkups in the owner’s life for any possible motives that would lead to misuse of the fire arm of any kind, whether it’s the owner itself or if the fire arm(s) is in the reach of children or anyone else. I am not necessarily taking a side but furthermore I am solely suggesting a rightful Justice to all the blood that has been shed over the years.

It is evident that in this world nothing is as what it seems, a criminal can smile and shake your hand and later rob your home and kill your amily. Obama has been elected to for his second term in office and with the help of congress he hopes to pass a law that will increase help our nation be secure. The law ideals are that gun catalogues or suppliers will have less ammo to sell to customer and military like rifles will be discontinued, more reinforcing security in schools, and easier access to mental health service. If United we can’t stand rest assure that divided we will fall, not only among nations but within our nation.


12 shot dead, 58 wounded in Aurora movie theater during Batman premier


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