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Self Concept Essay

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Caring, creativeness, hardworking, childish, nerdy, being blunt and a leader are the most important concepts that form my identity. These are things I believe will never change for the rest of my life. The world will always tend to skew our perceptions of ourselves, by practically demanding a certain ideal. Although only we can change the way we view ourselves, self concepts are ideas that form our identity that only we control. I have always thought of myself as hardworking. Being hands on and committed to things has always worked with causing me to be hardworking, I believe that once you give me a task I will complete it giving it my full 100 percent and then some. I am in the position as a college student now by being a hard working person, I have never gave up on my studies and want to be somebody in life. When I was younger I would always dream of having a good enough body, as a child I always suffered by being overweight.

It was a life long dream to lose weight, until finally I got my priorities straight and went straight to it, I lost 40lbs and now am in the best shape I have ever been in my life. These are just some things I have achieved by being a committed person but most importantly a hardworking person. I believe I am and always will be hardworking, because I don’t give up and always give my hardest in order to achieve the things I want. I think of myself as a blunt person, however, I did not learn I was such a blunt person until I started high school. It wasn’t until I learned what that word was that then I felt the need to categorize myself that. Everyone always seemed to be offended when I would speak to them, when all I was simply doing was just being straight forward. Ever since I was taught what being blunt is I learned to control it. Everyone I knew would always categorize me as being mean when all I would be is straight forward.

There is times where that side of me has to come out and when it shouldn’t, being a blunt person I have learned that I need to control it in order to fit with society. It isn’t always a negative trait , being blunt lets you get straight to the point which has helped me save time that I could use for many other things in my life. “Nerdy”, a word people always think and take as an insult. I believe i am nerdy, I love school and love “nerdy” things. Personally I would rather be at school then at home, people see that as crazy since not everyone loves school. Although school doesn’t fully categorize me as nerdy there are many other things I like and do. I am probably the guy you would never guess in a million year that’s into anime, manga and comic books. If you were to go to any big comic book convention there would be a chance of seeing me all dressed up as a fictitious character. Normally people see “nerds” as being outcast and antisocial, but I was the complete opposite.

I always felt that being the weird one actually helps you fit in a lot easier , as well helped me fit in with many different groups. I embrace being nerdy, I can go all day with talking about comic books, anime and manga. I love being the odd one out of the group, being nerdy is all about being odd and just enjoying the things a “normal” person would not. As a child I was always told that I was incredibly imaginative and creative. I remember just simply drawing a triangle on a piece of paper and just making cartoon characters out of just triangles. My father would always brag about me and my brother to his coworkers, till this day I remember when he would speak about me he would say “And my youngest son John is just so smart and creative, always just coming up with things”. So with always being told as a child how creative I was it just stuck with me, and till this very day and hour I still believe I am creative.

When I was 14 years old I wanted my own money, since I couldn’t get a job and my parents never gave us allowances I simply just made my own business. I came up with having a sneaker repairing business, I believe that was the most creative thing I have ever came up with in my life. Reason for this is I now have customers all around the United States , even till this day I still continue it. Being a creative and imaginative person has really helped me step up in life to try and better myself, as well as achieving goals that just simply look impossible to the people who aren’t creative. I believe everyone should be some level of childish in order to form a true identity of themselves. As children we are innocent and have big open hearts, as we grow up we get serious and simply just cold blooded. My definition of childish is being able to touch your inner most child and letting it out. I personally know I can do that, being childish has helped me create character traits such as caring, humble and being sympathetic.

Those traits have helped me form my identity and were brought out by being a childish person. One of my most important concepts that forms my identity is that I am a leader. What makes me believe I am a leader is that I am dependable, if there is an objective to accomplish I will break it down and conquer it. I am able to make the hard decisions no one will make but as well make it the responsible decision. I see myself as the shepherd to the sheep, I will lead you into the right direction, keeping you focused and getting through tough times. I dislike being the one taking orders and depending on others, I have always believed I have the characteristics of leader. Caring is a big concept that forms my identity and is 65 percent of who I am. I love and care for everyone, you could say I have a big heart or just dumb. Family to me is always my main focus and never will change, I would do anything and everything for my family just for them to be happy.

I am willing to stay up late at night with a person I just met just to hear there problems and be there for them. I’ve always been the guy everyone would come to for comfort and for advice, I believe they came to me because I was willing to give them the time of day just to show them that at least 1 person cared for them. In my heart and my mind I truly believe that I am a caring person and it is what forms my identity. Self concepts are what make up your identity, they could be positive or they could be negative it is what you believe. Caring, creativeness, hardworking, childish, nerdy, being blunt and a leader are the most important concepts that form my identity.

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