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Romeo and Juliet is a tragic play, written by William Shakespeare. This play is about two teenage “lovers” whose families are recognized as enemies (Montague’s and Capulet’s), competing against each other throughout the rest of the play. In act 3 scene 5 Shakespeare begins to revolve this play into a heartbreaking disaster- by isolating Juliet.

Firstly, Juliet is isolated from Romeo. Because he had been banned for killing Juliet’s cousin (Tybalt) in revenge for killing his best friend. Romeo then became a much hated enemy, a lover and a banished murderer himself. Juliet has no choice but to stick to her ‘lover’ secretly. Shakespeare cleverly uses dramatic irony. For example, Juliet says…”me thinks I see thee, now thou art so low, as one dead in the bottom of a tomb.” This is affective, because it suggests what is to come later in the play which is the death of Romeo and it is ironic because the audience now know that Romeo is going to be in the bottom of a tomb (dead) by the end of the end of the scene.

In addition, Romeo had been banished so Friar Lawrence told them to spend the night together as husband and wife. Since they are married it shows that they are willing to spend the rest of their life together/die for each other. Them spending the night together as said by Friar Lawrence could make the two families bond and Romeo could not do anything else but put Juliet before himself.

Secondly, before the two teenagers parted from each other, Shakespeare uses a dramatic phrase; “and trust me, love, (in my eye so do you”. This is strong language because it gives the audience another clue that both Romeo and Juliet are going to be in a tomb at the end of the play.

Shakespeare has earlier in this act presented events that will have a consequence in act 3 scene 5. For example, Romeo and Juliet’s secret marriage has made everything even a lot harder. If they didn’t agree to marry each other, Juliet would not have disobeyed her father and Juliet would not have been violently told off. Therefore Romeo killing Tybalt is one of the most important parts in the scene which caused all the tragedy between the families.

How are they going to be husband and wife? How is Romeo going to go out in public? He is banished from Verona! This is a big problem because if he is caught he will be executed.

Juliet is next isolated from lady Capulet by not marrying Parish who was an arranged marriage. The night that Romeo and Juliet had a peaceful romantic night, was the same day evil begun. Juliet’s mother steps in her bedroom and has good news for Juliet. Marrying Paris might have been good news for lady Capulet but not for Juliet.

Juliet decides to make up her own mind and wills to die for her beloved Romeo. Therefore, she is isolated from her mother because she won’t talk to her ever again. “Indeed I never shall be satisfied with Romeo, till I behold him dead”. Shakespeare builds dramatic tension through double meaning here because he shows how she is telling her mum exactly what she wants to hear. She might say this because she feels trapped or she’s scared of her. So the audience might feel rage/confusion because they don’t know which side Juliet supports.

Also, lady Capulet is vindictive because she wants vengeance for the killer of Tybalt (Romeo). This makes the audience angry because it shows that she does not forgive and she is nasty. It is irony that she comes with news about marriage, but wants to kill as well. In this scene she doesn’t show love for Juliet. She is distant. For example, “I would the fool were married to her grave”. This is shocking because the next time she will get an eye contact with her is in a grave.

Furthermore, she is also isolated from her father (lord Capulet) because she had been told to marry Paris and if she didn’t, she would be thrown out of the house. But still she refuses to obey her father. This makes the audience think that she is left alone. Juliet makes everything worse, because she had disappointed her father.

Lord Capulet only wants the best for Juliet. He loves his daughter but as time goes on, Juliet is isolated from him. Juliet’s father arranged a marriage for her and he significantly, changed his mind in whom and when Juliet is to marry. For example, “have you delivered to her our decree?” when he uses the word “decree” it shows that Juliet has not got an option. It is good news for her father but too early for Juliet. Juliet wishes to ‘delay the marriage for a week, a month and if her father doesn’t, she will have a bridal bed in a dim monument where Tybalt lies’. Lord Capulet thinks Juliet is just being disobedient and him being cruel to Juliet is unnatural.

“Out you green sickness carrion! Out you baggage, you tallow face”. He treats his daughter like dead meat. Juliet is isolated from her father because he says he will throw her out. Juliet is desperate, who can help? This is affective when lord Capulet says hang thee…because the next day of the marriage, Juliet is going to marry the grave instead of Paris. It is also affective to the audience because the language used by Shakespeare emphasises the change from a loving father to a ‘monster’, but is he justified? Not forgetting that Juliet is thirteen years old, how many fathers would be able to forgive throwing their kids out and making them baggage by turning their backs on them?

The nurse is one of the people Juliet relies on. Throughout all of the play she has loved Juliet like her child. Juliet is also very fond of her and confides in her. The nurse is a warm-hearted, down to earth person at the beginning of the scene. Now just a couple of days later, the nurse’s mind begins to change. She has been brave enough to tell lord Capulet he was too angry when he yelled at Juliet. He told her to mind her own business as she was not exactly part of the family. She then agrees with Juliet’s father to marry Paris. ‘I think it best you married with the county, O, he’s a lovely gentlemen and Romeo is a dish clout to him’. In other words this means that Romeo is less important and lovely than Paris. She believes she’s giving the only sensible advice.

Juliet is isolated from the nurse because the nurse has given her the wrong advice and she is horrified. She tells Juliet she would be better off concealing her marriage to Romeo and marrying Paris. Juliet rejects her after the betrayal. Juliet’s reaction to this betrayal of friendship says (privately) she will never trust or confide in her again. This is affective because it’s the final domination that triggers the play and this just shows that the nurse was doing what she was told just like Juliet.


In the end of the scene the audience’s emotions have been manipulated by Shakespeare as each person in turn has been isolated from Juliet, for example, Shakespeare has used tragedy, sadness, excitement and shock to make the audience want to see more of the play.

At the same time, the audience have been engrossed in the visual experience of seeing the action on the stage by wanting to see more and more of the play and by also wanting to know what is going to happen next. The language has been spoken in lots of tones. This has affected the audience because it has made them feel as if they were involved in the play as well.

The type of ending is similar to what millions watch every night because the play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ makes the audience want to carry on watching and look forward to watching the next part of the play.

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