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Research Resources Scavenger Hunt

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Answer the following questions by exploring the Research Hub and its resources.

1. Name the nine University of Phoenix Research Centers.
A. Center for Global Business Research
B. Center for Management and Entrepreneurship
C. Center for Workplace Diversity Research
D. Center for Educational and Instructional Technology Research
E. Center for Leadership Studies and Educational Research
F. Center for Professional Responsibility in Education
G. Center for Behavioral Health and Research
H. Center for Health Engineering Research
I. Center for Healthcare Research

2. True or False? Proposed research activities that utilize UOPX students, faculty, staff, or data must be submitted to the Committee on Research (COR) using a formal Proposal to Conduct Research form. A. The answer is True any proposed research activity by any member of the university must submit a formal proposal research form to the Committee Research.

3. What is the function of the University of Phoenix Institutional Review Board (IRB)? A. The IRB is the board that maintains the Human Research Protection Program. The functionality of this board is to insure ethical reviews of research studies to ensure compliance of all federal, state, and local areas.

4. What three topic areas are included in the Video Resources?
A. General Dissertation Videos
B. Research and Research Design
C. Selecting a Dissertation Committee

5. Select one video resource from each topic area. Provide a brief summary of the video content. Additionally, explain (1) how the content might benefit you in your program and (2) when you might use such a resource. A. The video I watched in the video resources was the lack of of current research viable. The success coaches mentioned that students seem to struggle on the internet with search engines trying to find viable resources. However, the success coaches feel that with the great deal of scholarly resources in the University of Phoenix library to conduct and find your resources. As well as the internet to for additional scholar references in proved track search engines the success coaches provide to us.

6. Review the Blog section in the Center for Global Business Research. Summarize the content of one of the blog posts. How can blogs within the research center help you as a doctoral student in your research efforts? If you could respond to the blog, what would your response be? A. I believe that blogs post help the doctoral students gather ideas for their research efforts, and helps to prove their findings with blogs like the mentioned by Fiona Sussan in her findings. B. I read the blog of Will China be the next Gold Fix by (Fiona Sussan) I would respond to this blog, and agree to the author that all of our exports come from China, and their government knows exactly how to make money off of the United States of America. So with her research claiming that China will be the next Gold Fix is truly favored as USA is very dependent on the goods of China produces.

7. Select a faculty profile from the Directory & Faculty Profiles section. Identify your selected faculty member’s name, research center affiliation, courses taught, and ongoing/current research. A. Name = Andrew Lawlor Ph D,

Research Center Affilation= Center for Educational and Instructional Technology Research Courses Taught =
Ongoing/Current Research = Educational technology, educational leadership, applying Six Sigma techniques to education.

8. Which of the nine University of Phoenix Research Centers do you believe would best support your current and future research efforts as a doctoral student? Why?

A. I believe the best support for my current doctoral degree would be the Center for Educational and Instructional Technology Research Center. Working towards my DM/IST degree it will help me research Videos, Blogs, Scholar Resources, and the internet to provide as much evidence to my findings in Doctoral Research.

9. Using the University Library, locate a published study in your area of interest. Provide a brief summary of your study. Determine from which University of Phoenix Research Center this study would have originated it had been published by a UOPX faculty member. Justify your determination. A. PROJECT MANAGEMENT, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, AND INFORMATION SYSTEMS by Thamhain Hans. B. The article talks about how Project Manager interferes to large degree in corporate business today. Mr. Hans mentions that due to the aging technology in the work places, and the extreme cost of IT manager struggle to stay with projects due to the obstacle challenges of infrastructure and applications not compatible in their environment. C. My research to this article, I would look into multiple factors to overcome the challenges that companies face with project management. I would look into the budget, how they operate the use of the company technology. Make a strategy to not only upgrade hardware, but keep up with the ever changing of applications, and infrastructure changes the company struggles to meet there project management requirements.

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