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Reflective essay: “The best game of my life!”

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Around six years ago I remember my parents encouraging me to play ice hockey. It was my first time on the ice and I had a bit of trouble getting started, but as I played more I began to love the sport and I just couldn’t get enough of it, now it has become a significant part of my life. In this essay I will reflect upon a very important and exciting ice-hockey game that took place a while ago, and in which I took part.

Every single chair in the arena had been filled. From the changing-room it was difficult to describe the noise; fans cheering wildly for their team, coaches drilling the game-plan into our heads, the booming music intended to entertain the fans before the game…all adding to the fluttering butter-flies in my stomach. The arena was built to muffle the sound of 1000 people, but that evening it was like a sponge that couldn’t absorb anymore. The teams were introduced and we stormed onto the ice. The crowd roared and it sent my adrenaline soaring, being under so many eyes brought both fear and motivation to me. This game was not just any game; it was the final! The whole season had been building up to it. It was like a war for me and I wished to leave the battlefield with victory. I had faith in my team and I knew everybody on it would play their best to win the game and trophy.

The game was about to start; I clenched my hand tightly around my stick and reminded myself of how important this battle was. The puck was dropped and a roar filled the stadium, along with the sudden carving noise of skates cutting through the ice. I tried to ignore the jeers coming from some of the crowd members and focused on putting a hundred percent effort into my game, my “war”. Fortunately my teammates had the same idea and as the game progressed we started to dominate, crushing the opposition with our hard-hitting tactics; passing the puck around a lot, and therefore making them skate harder, tiring them out. We brought out our aggressive side, hitting them hard with countless body-checks, naturally they fought back and the clashing of bodies intensified the crowd’s roar.

Bruises from previous games made every bit of contact with the opposing players agonising, but I didn’t care, I wanted to win and lay my hands on that trophy. There had been no goals yet and we were having trouble finding the back of the goal-net, until eventually, towards the end of the game, our team showed an amazing combination of speed, skill and all-round flare, which flummoxed the opposition and led to the game-winning-goal being scored. The fans and the team were in ecstasy!

I will never forget the impact that game had on me. The experience and adrenaline rush felt during a game like that is unexplainable, though the word incredible comes to mind. I think ice hockey is one of the most exciting sports in the world and it has helped me to achieve better confidence, social attitudes, and physical status.

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