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Reflection on the Film Rizal in Dapitan

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The event on the film was a flashback of yesterday, on time were our country was under the Spanish colonization. The highlights were on the life of our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal, the moment when he was being ferried to Dapitan in the province of Zamboanga. There are scenes showing brutalities that Dr. Jose Rizal suffered from doing and trying to achieve his mission which is to liberate his beloved country, Philippines. Upon putting him in that place under the supervision of the Spanish authorities Dr. Jose Rizal have done a lot to develop and help that oppressed and uncivilized area to a much better place.

Even he was lonely for he was being astray from his own home he did good things to help his countrymen. It has showed in that film that the priest were so against the deeds of Dr. Jose Rizal may it be for the welfare of the villagers. At present times person who is concerned about the education of the youths are praised and regarded as heroes or a gift from God, but during the time of Rizal when he had free classes offering education to the very unfortunate sectors of children the church showed that they were against. The church in person of the friars persuaded people especially the parents to stop sending their children in school where Dr. Jose Rizal was the teacher, for they have treated Rizal as a traitor and was excommunicated from church.

It must be noticed in that film that what the friars does in his sermon was to attack what Rizal is doing, when infact those activities of Dr. Jose Rizal were all for the benefits of the people living in Dapitan. It must be also noticed that in that film there were scenes were the Spanish government tried to do assassination to Dr. Jose Rizal whom they treated as a criminal. But the plan didn’t work for Rizal have defended himself against the assassin, just like how Dr. Jose Rizal have defended his country against the wrong doings of the Spanish Government in hand with some disobedient friars whom only think for their own good.

It was believed that Josephine Bracken was a spy who works for the Spanish government and sees the friars. But have fallen in love to Dr. Jose Rizal and married each other without the blessing from the church. For Josephine Bracken have seen the goodness in heart of Rizal to help is oppressed people and to free his beloved land, Josephine cane to love Rizal.

In that film, if it was true that Josephine was a spy then it only proves that Dr. Jose Rizal was a man of goodness. For he made Josephine fall for him and marry him. Dr. Jose Rizal was a hero who came to be a victim of injustices and immoralities that the colonization has brought to our country, Philippines. The film ended in the scene where Rizal was leaving the place he came to love and had a lot of memories that were good and bad.

It was a very heart breaking scene was Rizal was buried in an improper place and not into a cemetery where he deserved to be. His mother has cried a lot begging from those Spaniards to tell to her the place where his favorite son was buried, injustice. It just reflects the true colors of the Country, Spain at that time to colonize Philippines and became a slave, to work for the mother country Spain. Because of what happened to Rizal a lot of Filipino have wakened their minds to see the inequalities that were truly happening at old times.

Now a day, Dr. Jose Rizal was an image of inspiration in every heart of Filipino to be nationalistic and learn to love in blood their own birth country. To help people out of your status in life, to see how important Education is on how to properly guide the youth to become the leaders of the future generation. Dr. Jose Rizal have inculcate to our minds to continue good deeds for the betterment of our country, Philippines.

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