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Reading Newspapers

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Reading newspaper is a very good habit. We cannot think of modern life without the newspaper. It is a storehouse of knowledge. Reading newspapers broaden our outlook and enriches our mind. Reading english newspaper is a good way to spending our leisure properly. A newspaper is very helpful to us. It brings news of home and abroad. The economic situation of a country is described in it. It also brings news of tread and commerce, games and sports. It also helps the growth of public opinion. It gives us the current news of the world. It makes the citizens aware of the duties and responsibilities. Students are also benefited by reading newspapers. They can learn the prevailing condition of economy, politics, and culture by reading article in the newspaper. Newspaper satisfies the need of all sections of people. Once the habit of reading newspaper is formed, none can throw off this. It becomes a habit of like taking a cup of tea after breakfast.

Newspaper is the people’s parliament .it is said to be the mirror of the world. We must have the habit of reading the newspaper daily. It helps us in acquiring knowledge, which is essential for our education. Nobody can keep contact with the outside world without reading the online newspaper. More bookish knowledge is not sufficient in the struggle of life. A man who does not read newspaper daily is like a frog in a narrow well. Being ignorant of current topics, he cannot take part in the talks and discussion in a enlightened society. The daily newspaper is a dainty in a dish of varieties. Moreover, the views of scholars on different subjects are discussed.

All these have some educative values and we must have the habit of reading the newspaper regularly. It is a blessing of modern civilization.

The importance of reading newspaper.

As the name suggests newspapers are a source of news and information. In several respects they are also a medium of communication among the peoples of the world.

Today there are hundreds of newspapers all over the world. Everywhere there is a keen desire to learn more and more about the affairs of the world. This is partly the result of the spread of education which sharpens one’s curiosity to learn about distant lands.

As a source of news, the newspaper is almost indispensable to those whose thirst for knowledge is insatiable. They contain news on events in distant corners of the earth. Information about such events arrives almost immediately. As a result, people everywhere are informed about the most important event in the world very quickly and almost at the same time. For example, if a war breaks out in one part of the world today, the people in the other parts will certainly come to know about it tomorrow. As a result, all the countries of the world are able to do something quickly to help those who have suffered because of the war or to persuade the countries at war to cease fighting.

Newspaper also play an important part in keeping the people of the world informed about the troubles that might arise in the future, if nothing is done to prevent them from happening. For example, if a dispute arises between the two countries for any reason, the newspapers can keep the people of the world informed about what might happen if nothing is done to persuade the two countries to resolve their differences peacefully. In this way many wars have been avoided because of the intervention of some countries in the disputes of many countries which were given prominence in newspapers.

When all this is considered, we feel that there is some silent communication among countries through the medium of newspapers for the common benefit of the countries of the world.

Newspaper plays an important role in a democracy. It acts as a mirror that reflects the views and opinions of the public and the Government. It helps in framing one’s own views about the existing leaders. Their policies and activities help the voter to judge and carefully cast their vote during the elections. The editorial section gives the people the right chance to express their comments on various current issues. Because of the powerful advantage that the newspapers enjoy, they have been rightfully called the Fourth Estate. People do not read newspapers just for political events. There are informative columns on everyday entertainments like TV, | Radio, Theatre, Movies, Exhibits and Cable Network presentations. There are exclusive pages of information for sport lovers, economists and businessmen. The eligible candidates eagerly go through the appointments’ section with a hope of finding a suitable job opportunity. There are a number of classified advertisements for matrimonial alliances, jobs, property dealings, kennels and livestock etc. As we read the newspaper page by page we realize that not all news is good news. There is sadness too. There are columns on those who have died and there is criminal report which knocks I at our brain telling us to be alert all the while. Many leading newspapers have a weekly grievance section meant for those who have failed in getting justice. By reading them we come to know of the probable problems one can face while dealing with a particular organization.

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