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In the novel ‘Ransom’, Malouf provides us with characters, which each in their own way represent aspects of the heroic ideal. Discuss the statement In relation to Achilles and either Somax or Prlam, In your response you should consider how Malouf uses Language and other stylistic features to depict the dfferent types of heroes presented. Quotes: Highlighted yellow Questionable quotes: Highlighted green Techniques: Highlighted light blue Questionable Techniques: Highlighted Red Essay “True heroism consists In being superior to the Ills of life, In whatever shape they ay challenge us to combat.

Napoleon Bonparte, French General. Through Malouf’s novel, ‘Ransom’, Malouf has depicted certain key aspects of ‘Heroism’ deconstructing the characters of Achilles and Priam in an attempt to define their ‘epic herff characteristics. For the entirety of the novel, Achilles has been portrayed as a frustrated, grief-stricken soldier who ultimately tries desperately to re-capture his poise and composure whilst being confronted with over-whelming personal tragedy. However, we find other traits of his that do qualify as ‘heroic’ and these must be considered In comparison with King Priam.

With a major death of Prince Hector, Priam’s son, Malouf has structured his novel around this occurrence. Priam facing untold tragedy faces his son’s killer to retrieve his son and burn him in honor worthy of both a soldier and hierarchy of a prince. With the ever-increasing notion of ‘heroism’ constantly being molded by society, we must acknowledge the true differences of specific In their environment, ultimately displayed through the characters Achilles and Priam, throughout ‘Ransom’.

With the motivation of having his name Written in the sky for all to see’, Malouf has ntangled ‘heroism’ Into the bulld of Achilles through his use of sword and spear In battle, the deep loss of his cousin by the hands of Hector and by the ultimate courage he displayed through this time of torment on some cases. Whilst Achilles lacks the traits of wisdom and integrity, he makes up for the loss by his mastery skills in battle, which Is evident in the battle of Hector and himself.

However, Malouf has built Achilles In the manner of hardship and torment, which was developed through battle, but on the inside It is evident that he is soft and kind hearted, “He said othing, but his pure heart was torn… ” Malouf’s use of metaphoric language indicates Achilles unfeigned sorrow and passion for the innocent soldiers by his side fghting with him, signifying the Compassion he has for his fellow men.

For most hero’s, they have a special ability which can aid them in many circumstances, for Achilles it’s his ability to fght in combat. Malouf explains how the “Warrior Spirit” drives Achilles throughout his battles against Troy; by the use of personification it interprets the absolute strength and Endurance, which in a whole furthers the eroistic characteristics of Achilles in total. Ultimately, Malouf has depicted certain key characteristics of heroism within Achilles, predominantly on the fact that “Achilles… the most ferocious of the Greeks” because of the way he handles swords and spears in battle portraying tremendous physical abilities but lacking in other aspects which define a hero, however are evident throughout analysis of King Priam.

King Priam is an outstanding character that stands with compassion and benevolence for his people of Troy. Malouf has equipped Priam with specific traits hat don’t necessarily help out in combat, but through speeches and character. Unlike Achilles, Priam does show enormous amounts of mental toughness through the way he approaches certain ‘bridges’ in his path of ‘heroism’.

If the last thing that happens to me is the be hunted down in the heart of my citadel, and dragged out by the feet, and shamelessly stripped and humiliated, so be it” Malouf has portrayed personification and the specific tone in which it was spoken by Priam, in a manner of a very serious and emotional tone. Compassion for his son, Hector, is displayed hroughout as Priam has summoned up the courage to go back and “Ransom” his son back from Achilles, introducing bravery as another key aspect of heroism in his character as well.

When Priam approaches Achilles one on one, he approaches him, “not as a king… but as an ordinary man, a father – beg him humbly on my knees if I have to”. Malouf’s clever use of Juxtaposition indicates Priam’s ability to do whatever it takes to succeed in his goal for the good of his people, this is also evident by the use of the word ‘beg’ displaying how quickly and up front Priam was about retrieving his son from Achilles.

It can also be noted of Priam Journeys to the Greek camp, “as an normal man”, he lowers himself from the hierarchy that he once was, to nothing but an ordinary man, this ability was learnt by Priam in the much earlier days of him as a poor child living on the streets. Priam is indeed an ‘epic hero’ throughout the novel, not entirely through the classical aspects of brute strength and endurance, but through using his character and compassion for his people which drove into being such a hero. Ultimately, both Priam and Achilles portray key aspects of heroism throughout the entirety of the novel by David Malouf.

Malouf has portrayed these characters with such aspects by the use of literary techniques and specific quotes. Heroes can be displayed in many different types; the Humble character who serves his people and does anything to further their happiness and compassion for their kingdom, portrayed as King Priam, and then there is the ultimate combat hero who has an absolute mastery of swords/spears/bow and arrow, which Malouf has displayed as Achilles. Nevertheless, both of these characters are heroes, ultimately displayed by Malouf in such a way, to portray the different key aspects of a hero.

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