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Rabbit Breeds

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Throughout the whole world, there are only 47 species of rabbits. Most of those rabbits are pets, yet many are also wild rabbits. There are a whole bunch of facts about rabbits. Like their diets, characteristics, and just some every day facts that everybody should know. I know the most about these four rabbit breeds; the Mini Lop Rabbit Breed, American Chinchilla Rabbit Breed, Dwarf Rabbit Breed, and the Britannia Petite Breed. Mostly Netherland Dwarfs because I have two dwarf rabbits. Rabbit breeds are interesting to learn about, and rabbits are amazing to own.

According to, The Rabbit Hand Guide, “There are two main rabbit breed divisions; domestic rabbit breeds, and wild rabbit breeds. Most of today’s domestic breeds originated from the European Rabbit. The individual domestic breeds have been created through a long process of selective and genetic cross breeding.” According to the American Rabbit Breeders Association and British Rabbit Council, “It would theoretically be impossible to list every single breed developed because their development is literally a never ending and continuous process. They keep on repopulating, and cross-breeding with each other. That means the breed number could increase each day.” But there are a few rabbits that are very popular as pets. Here are some of the breeds, and a little information everyone should know about them.

Mini Lop Rabbits are the smallest type of rabbit breed that you can own. They always weigh less than 4 pounds, making them great for someone who doesn’t have room for a large rabbit, therefore, a large rabbit cage. They love to eat carrots, hay, pellets, bananas, parsley, and other treats. Mini lop rabbits are known for their floppy ears, and laid back, relaxed attitude. They love attention, and want to be held and loved. Owners can also litter box train these rabbits with a little bit of time and determination. These mini lop rabbits are especially good for children, because of their great temperament.

John Rupert Guide says that, “American Chinchilla rabbits were originally used for meat, and food. After being over-used, they are now endangered. This is why people are being encouraged to raise American Chinchilla rabbits as pets or show rabbits, rather than letting them become extinct.” American Chinchilla rabbits are rather large, therefore will require extensive housing, or free-roam of your house. They can be any color from black to white, and can range from small to big sizes, depending what you feed them. Hay should be the majority of their diet with pellets. If you get an American Chinchilla rabbit while it is young, you’ll be able to house train it. It can become sweet enough to hold, and love, plus know how to use the litter box.

Dwarf Rabbits are among certain types of rabbits that are just a joy to have as pets. They may serve no other purpose than simply to make an individual feel good, and are happy to do so. Alyssa Manwearing says, “Dwarf rabbits are probably the best rabbit breed you can have as a pet.” Many dwarfs go crazy for bananas and peas and healthy bunny fruit. No matter how many pellets they eat, they will stay the same size, but hay and carrots keep them very healthy. Lops are hugely popular because of their almost comical adorability, but any rabbit type would be hard to resist with their twitchy noses and inquisitive nature. They are very small, and their ears stand straight up. Black brown, grey, and white are the main colors of their fur.

The Britannia Petite rabbit is currently recognized as the smallest of the standard breeds. They will eat anything healthy, but mostly pellets. And of course they love carrots. Owners can even feed them popcorn!!! But it has to be the bunny brand. In the United States, the Britannia Petite is commonly recognized as being white with red eyes (which most people know as albino); although they are bred in many color varieties in Britain. These tiny, compact rabbits have relatively narrow heads and a trim, arched body line. Storey’s Guide to Raising Rabbits: Breeds, Care, Housing [Book] says that, “Experienced rabbit breeders have claimed these rabbits have a tendency to be more hyper and nip more often than other breeds, and that they require especially careful handling because of the delicate arched body type. The show standard requires the head to be wedge-shaped and broad across the forehead. The neck is short, and erect ears are in contact with each other for their full length. They are also very loving and playful. They enjoy having attention, and love to run around in large areas. ”

As anyone can see rabbits are fascinating creatures, no matter the breed. Rabbit breeds come in all shapes, colors and sizes! There is so much to learn about them, like their diet, breed, caring for them, grooming them and much more. Rabbits can be cross bred, raised for showing, pelts, and meat, but mostly for pets. As anyone can see, rabbit breeds are interesting to learn about, and they are amazing to own.

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