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Queen Elizabeth addresses her troops with a speech before going to war

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“I know I have the body but of a weak and feeble woman; but I have the heart and stomach of a king…” – Fierce words from Queen Elizabeth as she addresses her troops with an encouraging speech. As she and her soldiers await the upcoming battles, she gives a confident speech to motivate their fire. Daringly, the Queen stands in a position that delivers assurance to her troops, convincing them of a future victory against their foes. Her intonation: fierce. Her purpose: motivation. Her inspiration: England.

Queen Elizabeth first approaches her soldiers in a passionate manner. She displays a powerful trust in her men and her beliefs. Also, by using constant patriotic statements and speaking in such a focused manner, her drift is strong and on point – guaranteeing an already won war. Though there are many shifts throughout her speech, the message is clear: “We…not I, not you, but we…England, will win this war”. During her pep talk, she begins in-trust, switches to fierce, and then ends in confidence.

Motivation…”we shall shortly have a famous victory over those enemies of my God, of my kingdom, and of my people” – A quote from the Queen, speaking to her troops; Basically declaring triumph. She begins by using herself as an example of England’s dominance. By stepping out into the field herself, as the precious Queen, and showcasing her bravery in a “dangerous situation” as a “weak female”, she sets a standard for her troops, saying if she can take a step forward for her country, her soldiers should be able to stomp ten more ahead of her. She also informs them of the luxurious aftermath they will receive if they fight. For example, rewards, money, etc. Therefore, they now have more reason to fight and strive to win besides patriotism. Also, she jeopardizes her life just to address the men, so they’re expected to do the same. Additionally, she explains how God is on their side; this gives them more of a confident comfort.

The speaker’s diction is focused. Her strategies for providing a firm inspiration to her soldiers demonstrate the excellence of the great leader that she is. She shifts from in-trust, fierce, to confident at perfect times. By developing a to-die-for bond with the troops, which was situated after she spoke, it gave the men a reassuring ease with dieing for their country. Her audience (the troops) was most likely moved and highly motivated from this speech, which was the speaker’s initial intention. Queen Elizabeth’s purpose was clear…”we’re going to win this war…we are England…let’s defend ourselves.”

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