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Civil War Essays

Dred Scott Case

Slaves were rendered property and forced to endure harsh labor against their will with their owner trying to move them thousands of miles into barren western lands. In the early 1800s, slavery remained an important part of the American lifestyle. Working on plantations in the south and under restrictions from …

Gladkov's Cement is a novel depicting post civil war Russia during 1921

The main character is a hero of the revolution by the name of Gleb Chumalov. Gleb returns to his home town where he worked as a mechanic before the war. Finding the factory he worked in devasted, and his wife distant; Gleb sets out to rebuild his life. Through Gleb’s …

Why did the civil war break out in 1640

The English civil war, this period was otherwise known as the English revolution due to its significance left a very bold mark in history; it has sculpted the way we live today, and has caused shirt and long-termed effects. It has dramatically changed parliament, society and royalty, and the ruling …

Mao Was the Most Important Reason why the Communists Won the Civil War

It has to be argued that there were many reasons why the Communists prevailed victorious in the Chinese Civil war, including the leadership of Mao Zedong. Although I believe that there are several other factors that were very important, I do agree with the statement, and the reasons for this …

The Sri Lankan Civil War

The Sri Lankan Civil War was a conflict fought on the island of Sri Lanka. Beginning on 23 July 1983, there was an intermittent insurgency against the government by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (the LTTE, also known as the Tamil Tigers), a separatist militant organisation which fought to …

Civil War Was Inevitable

One of the most prominent questions in history was, “Was the Civil War inevitable?” many have formed an opinion and a much agreed with conclusion has come about. Secession was inevitable based on the events that occurred from 1800-1859; The War with Mexico, the Acquisition of Oregon and Texas, and …

Effects of the American Civil War on Selected Group

            The American civil war forever changed face of the nation and the way different groups interacted with each other. In the attempt to understand these effects, concurrent sections of this essay shall highlight on plights of several groups involved in the production process, including: factory workers and owners, plantation …

The Coming of the Lord: The Northern Protestant Clergy and the Civil War Crisis

In this paper I will present an in-depth analysis of The Coming of the Lord by George M. Fredrickson. This article presents a study of American religion and nineteenth-century society and examines the role of clergy in the life of the country. Fredrickson claims that “the proper role of Protestant …

American Civil War Tactics

Abstract American civil war was the first war properly fought with Rifle as a basic infantry weapon. The theorists and generals of the time failed to appreciate the impact of rifle on the battlefield and kept on fighting with the outdated tactical beliefs and concepts of musket era. The result …

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