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Civil War Essays

Why Did Charles Lose the Civil War?

In April 1642, the Civil war started in England. The civil war ended up by King Charles losing the war. And in my essay I am going to talk about many reasons why Charles lost the civil war. In 1642 most people thought that King Charles would win the civil …

Civil War Medicine

To be a wounded solider during the Civil War was not a pleasant experience. The medicinal and medical practices that were used were not innovative under any circumstances, and were only slightly more advanced than medieval times. It is a great calamity that the medical knowledge of this time had …

The Civil War

The Civil War was a fight between the Southern states and the Northern states. It began in 1861 and ended in 1865. The northerners referred to this war as the war to preserve the Union because that became the main goal of the Civil War. Slavery was one of the …

English Civil War

The English Civil War was as much the response to the effects of the Reformation as it was a response to the needs of the rising middle classes, the landed gentry. The war itself involved the king, Parliament, the aristocracy, the middle classes, the commoners, and the army. The War …

Westward Expansion DBQ

Westward expansion disrupted native american lives after the civil war due to expansionist invading their lands and taking their freedom, while simultaneously destroying their culture and population. the issue of land was one of the largest controversies pertaining to westward expansion. In an era characterized by rapid population growth and …

Civil War Case

The civil war created a big rift between the North and the South that was not easily mended. After the decisive union victory the government had to create an ingenious plan for reconstruction. After Lincoln’s assassination, Johnson tried to carry out many of the former plans. Sectional tensions surrounded the …

Civil War: Repressible or Irrepressible?

It is often said that hindsight is 20/20 vision, but some major historical events are surrounded by controversy, one of which is the Civil War: was it repressible or irrepressible? It was irrepressible because the north and south were too culturally different for a compromise to work. The south believed …

The Effect of Political Economy on Civil Wars in Africa

This paper focuses primarily on the political economy and offers this as a perspective of the high incidence of civil wars in Africa. The main issue that this paper is addressing is the way we could understand another part of the world using our own perspective and methods, and using …

To What Extent Was a Nationalist Victory in the Spanish Civil War Inevitable?

To what extent was a Nationalist victory in the Spanish civil war inevitable? The Spanish civil war broke out in 1936 due to many factors. The Nationalist were likely to win the war due to Franco, as he was able to resolve the tension among the factions on the Nationalist …

Compromises Leading to the Civil War

The Missouri Compromise was the first serious attempt at a solution to slavery. Little did the people who made the compromise and the citizens of the United States know that an era of 41 years of compromising was to follow. The tensions that were prevalent throughout the country had to …

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