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Psychology Case Study

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You are driving to the movies with your friends on a Friday night. You have just left Dairy Queen™ with a huge Blizzard®. Please be able to explain:
Seven parts of the brain that you are using.
The functions of the structures you listed.
Neurotransmitters you are using and their function(s).
Basal Ganglia – Driving (planning and indicating movement) Hippo Campus – Remembering where the movies are and friends. (Remember place, relationships and events) Hypothalamus – With a blizzard, still thirsty/hungry (Regulates body vitals) Cerebellum – Driving (Balance, muscle tone, coordination)

Medula obligate – You are breathing (Maintaining vital body functions) Reticular Activating – you are on alert as you are driving (Sleep cycles, alertness and aurosal) Thalamus – Information received and sends out (Decides where to send info) Look in above

Norphinerine – Eating, behaving, appetite
Serotonin – mood, emotional states
Dopamine – Alertness, motor control over voluntary movements GABA – inhibitor of action
Glutamine – Memory
Scenario 1
Tim Tebow, star quarterback for the Gators, is playing in the National Championship game during the 4th Quarter, game tied. His team is down three points and there is one minute left on the clock. Please be able to explain:

Seven parts of the brain that Tim Tebow is using.
The functions of the structures you listed, as he is using them. Neurotransmitters he is using and their function(s).
Medula Oblagata: he is breathing and heart rate (Maintaining vital body functions) Pons: He is playing, and while doing activities you is often arousal. (Sleep, dreaming and arousal)

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