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Psychology Case

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Write your answer in the space provided or on a separate sheet of paper.1)Differentiate between repressed memories, recovered memories, and false memories. What does the research support?

2)Explain in detail the Atkinson-Shiffrin model of memory.
3)Define the term “reasoning” and explain the two basic forms of reasoning, giving examples for each.
4)Describe the effect of learning to speak two languages on the process of language development. Include any age-related differences that are discussed in the text.
5)What would be the pros and cons to the idea of administering intelligence tests to all students?
6)Based on memory research describe and give examples of at least four of the memory concepts a person could utilize to become a better student.

7)List, explain, and give an example of each of the essential elements to a language.
8)Explain the importance of reliability, validity, and standardization using examples with regard to intelligence testing.
9)What contributions did Hermann Ebbinghaus make to the field of memory research?
10)Amid all of the controversy, what purposes do intelligence tests serve?
11)Describe the nature-nurture controversy as it relates to intelligence, citing some of the research and studies which support both sides of the debate.

12) (a)How would you classically condition an adventuresome 2-year-old to be more fearful of running across a busy street near her house? (b)How would you classically condition a preschool child who is afraid of dogs to enjoy playing with a neighbor’s friendly dog? Be sure to identify the UCS, CS, UCR, and CR in both answers.

13) Mr. Byrne can’t understand why scolding his seventhgrade
students for disruptive classroom behaviors makes them more unruly. Explain Mr. Byrne’s predicament in terms of operant conditioning principles. Show how he could use operant conditioning techniques to (a) reduce disruptive behaviors and (b) increase cooperative behaviors.

14) Describe three mnemonic devices that would enable you to remember the following list of grocery items: milk, eggs, margarine, oranges, rhubarb, ice cream, eggplant, and sausage. Explain why each would be effective.

15) During the process of psychotherapy, Elaine accurately recovered some long-forgotten and painful memories from her childhood. This experience led her to conclude that these memories must have been repressed for many years. Use your understanding of the nature of memory to refute Elaine’s conclusion

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